VIDEO: Amanda Diane Cummings- Bullied Girl Who Jumped In Front Of A Bus

VIDEO: Amanda Diane Cummings- Bullied Girl Who Jumped In Front Of A Bus

A young girl who jumped in front of a buss last month has been identified  as Amanda Diane Cummings could stand been bullied at school, she was also dealing with romantic issues. Amanda passed away yesterday rumors said  she was carrying her suicide note.

Amanda diane cummings new dorp high school

15 year-old Amanda Diane Cummings was born in Grant City on September 23rd, 1996 to her mother Cecile Weber. Her parents separated and her mother remarried to Kevin Mahoney. Amanda Cummings moved from Grant City to Midland Beach. Studied  primary school at New Dorp then enrolled at Egbert Intermediate School in Midland Beach and was currently a sophomore student at New Dorp High School.

According to Amanda Cummings’ niece Ashley she was been bullied by a group  of popular girls at her school, allegedly because of the group leader had a crush on Amanda’s 19 year-old boyfriend. These girls would tormented her constantly, stealing her  hoes, books or other belongings, they also made fun of her for no reason, posting shady things about her on Facebook.

Her boyfriend broke up with her by mail, and he set his Facebook status to single right away, she was devastated. On December 26 she told her mother and showed her all the text messages she has been tormented with. The next day she left the house and said she was going to friend’s house not before she wrote I’ll cry without You on her Facebook page, which made her mom Cecile very nervous..

Everybody began calling her and telling her to come home, she them texted about going home to her mom’s cell, but she never did.

Amanda Diane Cummings jumped in front of a bus on Hylan Boulevard at around 7:30 p.m, suffering severe injuries, she was rush to Staten Island University Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries 6 days later.

While she was at the hospital her tormenters wouldn’t stop the bullying and wrote this on her Facebook wall..

“LMFAO she jumped in front of a bus,” Cummings said someone wrote on her Facebook wall.

“Once a ho, always a ho,” another kid wrote, according to Cummings.

Her uncle said he will do all in his power to make justice and prove that Amanda was a victim of bullying, her cousin said that Amanda died because of that.

“I’m not going to tolerate this. I’m gonna go full force,” he said, adding that he’d be looking for criminal redress against her tormentors. “Kids can’t do this to each other.” Keith Cummings

“My cousin passed away because she was picked on. My cousin passed away because people are cruel,” Gilman said. “She hid a lot.”

Amanda Diane Cummings is survived by her mother Cecile, stepfather Kevin, uncle Keith, aunt Diane, Niece Ashley her dear sister Dawn and tons of family and friends who will cherish her beautiful smile and kindest in their hearts, We send our thoughts and prayers to them

Amanda wrote this…..

i’ve been tricked u cant change me but one wrong thing can make my life like this… judged, used, kicked away, made fun of, and a peice of s**t ppl dnt care about. u cant help im already alone.

Her sister  posted  info about Amanda’s Wake service will be Thursday Jan 5th, at Azzara @ 183 Sand Lane, in South Beach, near McClean Avenue, from 2pm-4pm & 7pm-9pm. Azzara’s # is 718-727-1440 Church service at St. Ann’s Friday Jan 6th at 10am.

Amanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school imageAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school imagesAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-imageAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-photoAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-imagesAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-photosAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-picsAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-pictureAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school-picturesAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school pictureAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school photoAmanda-Diane-Cummings-jumped-in-front-bus-bullied-school pics

Photos credits: Cummings Family


  1. I hope those kids go to jail for life who picked on her……….. This is so sad I know how it is to be picked on!!!!!!!

  2. To her Family and Friends So sorry to hear about your loss to your special girl Amanda Diane Cummings 🙁

  3. So sorry for your loss…I hope that the bullies all rot in h*** for their actions…such a young inncoent life taken from this world way to soon…RIP Amanda (You will be loved and missed)

  4. How sad and what a beautiful girl.
    I hope those “popular girls” get just desserts. I hope they will finally know how it feels to be bullied. If not that, I hope they with feel at least some responsibility for Amanda’s death. As for her boyfriend who should not be let off the hook. I believe he is in this up top his eyeballs.
    Amanda was a beautiful young lady and I really wish she would have missed the bus. I normally believe there is a reason for everything, but there is NEVER a reason for suicide.
    Amanda has the look of someone who has nothing but love and could have really made everyone around her happy. I am sure she is missed.
    My prayers are with the family and friends.

  5. I am devasted to hear of her death. Even though I have never met her, I will still pray for her and her family. And to the people who bullied her-are you happy now? That you tormented someone to the point of suicide?!? Have fun in jail!

  6. Guess wot?? m being picked on by my own boyfriend!! i cant break free coz my family is also invloved now!! Picking on can be from nebody in you life,.i keep myself composed n calm,but fear il lose it sme day soon!

  7. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. As for he girls who are responsible for death. You should be punished and triled as aduls you deserve serious jail time. And every year on the day Amanda died you should have to write a letter to her parents until the day you die. Begging forgiveness

  8. i don’t even know this girl and she looks like a little sweetheart whoever bullied her and you know who u are are seriously dumb ppl. i feel so sorry for amanda loved ones. hope u the best cummings.

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