Soul Train creator Don Cornelius fatally shot himself at his home in California. He is survived by his sons and ex-wife Viktoria Cornelius. Would you like to know more about Don’s ex-wife Victoria or is it Viktoria?


The world has loss a great talent 75 year-old Don Cornelius was found dead at his home in Mulholland Drive in Sherman Oaks, California, from a s self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, he was taken to the  hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Two years ago and before his divorced from his second wife Victoria he said  he wanted to finalized his divorced before he dies, he  added that he was suffering from several health issues.

So what about Mr. Cornelius‘ personal life? His first wife was Delores Harrison they got married in 1956 and had two sons together Raymond and Anthony or Tony who was married to Amy Hunter. After his divorce he met Russian model Viktoria Chapman who became Viktoria Cornelius on December 3rd, 2001. Note. some media also referrers to Mrs. Cornelius as Victoria Cornelius and Victoria Avila)

Victoria had a little part in the 1987 soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. According to  Avila Cornelius on July 2007 the first episode of domestic violence occurred, at that time time she did not press charges, then on October 17, 2008 police responded to a domestic violence dispute between Victoria and Don, he was arrested and released  on a $50.000 bail. He was officially charged with with three counts of spousal battery, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of dissuading a witness from making a police report in November.

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The following month he pleaded not guilty to spousal abuse charges, Victoria Cornelius on the other hand filed two restraining orders against him, He was ordered to stay at least a 100 yards away from her, fined $1,000; ordered to perform 300 hours of community service and complete a 52-week domestic violence treatment program; banned from possessing, owning or using deadly weapons or threatening violence against his wife or any other person. Victoria previously filed for divorced in 2007 and again on September 2008, she and Don’s divorce was granted on July, 2009.

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