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Anthony Ciccone, Madonna Brother, Arrested and Injured (Photos, wiki, bio)

Who is Anthony Ciccone? Anthony Ciccone is Madonna Brother’s brother and he is on spot again…

‘All that glitters is not gold’ may be an old saying but it is as good today as it must have been hundreds of years ago. Who would have imagined the brother of a multibillionaire to be lying homeless on streets and evading arrests by police? But the seemingly impossible happened this Sunday when a man who refused to leave the public bathrooms in Traverse County in Michigan was later identified as the brother of the pop diva Madonna. Yes, the man, who refused to leave the bathroom even after police was called in to nab him evaded arrest and in the process hit the floor and got hurt badly on his forehead. He needed 9 stitches on his forehead.madonna_brother_arrested_18ne9s3-18ne9si

The man was later identified as Anthony Ciccone, brother of Madonna. The 56 year old man is reportedly homeless and was hiding in the Civic Centre bathroom in Traverse Coiunty. When he confronted the officer who tried to bring him out, he fell on the ground and got hurt. When he was tested for alcohol with a breath analyzer, his blood alcohol level was found to be 0.4 which is way above the legal limit of driving of 0.08.Madonna

It is hard to imagine a blood relative of a billionaire to be homeless and living on the streets but this is the harsh reality of relationships in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Madonna is also a native of the state of Michigan where his older brother was found living inside a public bathroom and refusing to leave the facility. No attorney ahs been arranged for Anthony Ciccone and he has been jailed for evading arrest and taking on officer. It was in October 2011 that Anthony revealed to the press about his poor financial state and the state of homelessness.

Anthonny Ciconne. Photo: Traverse City Record-Eagle

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Robert Dewey Hoskins Madonna’s Stalker

Madonna  like many other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry has a crazy stalker, Madonna’s stalker is Robert Dewey Hoskins who recently escaped from the mental hospital he was  been in for  the past ten years.

Madonna stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins pic

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VIDEO: Madonna Performace at the SuperBowl 2012

The Material Girl Madonna was the singer that got invited to performed at the SuperBowl, but how did she do it? What other performers got up on the stage with her? LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A? Check that and video of their performance video.

Madonna superbowl 2012 halftime show picture

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Watch: Madonna Madonna bites back at Ricky Gervais At the 2012 Golden Globes

Do you like Madonna, you are about to like her even more, not just she took a Golden Globe home last night, but she was the only celebrity who fired back at the many jokes Ricky Gervais pulled at the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony, where not just he mocked Elton John but made fun of Natalie Portman.

Madonna Ricky Gervais fight Golden Globe awards image

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2012 Golden Globes Award Winner- Madonna wins Best Original Song in a Motion Picture

She is a music Icon,  and today she is also a Golden Globe Award winner, Madonna just won the award for Best Original song in a Motion Picture.

Madonna-2012 golden globe awards

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