Meet Ashton Hill here! Other than the fact that Shaun Hill and his wife Ashton Hill enjoyed a white-bread wedding in 2010, there is nothing to be told about them. The only place where one can catch a glimpse of the Kansas woman on the internet is on YouTube, in their wedding video. Osage Beach, Missouri is where the couple now lives, which is a 3 hours outside of St. Louis.Ashton Hill is Shaun Hill's Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Ashton, Shaun’s wife seems too excited in being a newlywed to have given their wedding video an objective, critical eye. This is, in fact also considered to be quite a pervasive problem in the wedding documenting and cataloguing business. Like countless other married couples, Shaun and Ashton have been definitely taken advantage of. Watching the terrible video, one would notice that there is no actual footage of the wedding though this has been masked by the production. A couple of shots of the couple posing and kissing are all one gets while the remaining, eighty percent is just faux-artsy shots of candles, glasses, tablecloths as well as chandeliers, such a disappointment.

Ashton Lawrence, now known as Ashton Hill, since Shaun’s old days in Parsons, Kansas, has been in the picture. Before heading to Missouri Southern State University, in 2004, she graduated from Parsons High School. With a double major in business management and marketing, she graduated from the Missouri Southern State University in 2008. After school, she entered the business world, and is currently working in financial advising.

In the off season last year, the couple took a nice trip to New Zealand. They weren’t allowed to get their luggage when leaving from the hotel as apparently there had been a fairly large earthquake when they were there. Four months after they got their duffle bag sent to them in the mail as informed by Shaun in an interview though it’s not sure why this happened. This is about the extent of the couple’s interesting adventures and when one would look at them, it’ll explain why. Boring is what they are. A coach rather than a player is what Shaun himself looks like. How he enjoys fishing is what the personal life section of his Wikipedia section is all about.