Meet Kristen Lafell, Brand Lafell’s wife here! Kristen Lafell was engaged to Brand Lafell on 10th February, 2013 and they were married to each other on 12th April, 2014 later on. How exactly is this news known? It is because it is featured all over his awkward wedding page. Individuals can also get to know about the kind of gifts they were given throughout the ceremony. With all those gifts they received, Kristen is surely quite pleased.Kristen Lafell is Brand Lafell's Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Kristen, Brandon’ s wife had to compromise on a couple of things. Most importantly, Brandon has a child with another woman, who is known as homos babeus mamius scientifically, or in simple words; baby mama to the layperson. The story is pretty much the same. It is even the same old cliché tale which tells that an athlete does not use a condom; the woman has a child and then gets a hold of the athlete for the next 18 years or so. Many reports have revealed that Lafell’ s payment to her tend to exceed over $23,000 per year. Kristen might not have a good view on all of this but she has to support her husband, specifically infront of a judge.

Another incident that Kristen might have laughed about immensely includes when Brandon who was not really so keen on the Panthers, as he had been signed towards the patriots. The comments made by Brandon on Twitter irritated many Panther fans. The odd comment went something like ‘I’m really psyched to be playing with Tom Brady because he’s sick, and he’s way better than the Panthers QB. ” People who really have nothing much to do these days decided to bash him, which is why he decided to disappear from Twitter for a month. What people are really curious about is to know about what Kristen thinks of this situation, and what she might have said, most importantly. In case she really cared, which she probably does not, she should have said told him that he is a bonehead.