Meet Melanie Batum (Melanie Pimentel Batum), Nicolas Batum’s wife is another beautiful woman who appreciates fashion and style, but it turns out she is quite proactive about her passion. Being a professional makeup artist has enabled her traveled to over 30 countries getting paid to work for movies and television shows. When she came to the United States to support her husband Nicolas, she could hardly last more than two weeks before laying plans to release a shoe line. She is also planning on unveiling a beauty bar in Portland, which I am hoping is an establishment that sells beauty by the bottle. As a matter of fact, no one hates beauty.Melanie Pimentel Batum (Melanie Batum) is Nicolas Batum’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio) 2
It is certainly not Nicolas Batum who abhors beauty. In 2008, Nic was acquired by the Blazersthrough the Rockets in one of those confusing draft-day trades where players ended up in a great confusion going helta skelta everywhere.Melanie Pimentel Batum (Melanie Batum) is Nicolas Batum’s Wife! (photos, wiki, bio)

The native Frenchman was taken into consideration as one of the most outstanding players in Europe prior to coming to the States, (basically a prerequisite to get into the NBA). His averages as a player of the FIBA were a bit lower than what he posts as an NBA’er at the present: 13 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 5 APG, and 80% free-throw percentage. A $43 million dollar contract with the Blazers is what these numbers have turned to translate out into.Melanie Pimentel Batum (Melanie Batum) is Nicolas Batum’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio)

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In 2012, there was a small, brief traumatizing incidemnce for the Batums when they received a number of racist tweet opinions telling them they were not wanted in some of the flyover states thus making them appear as outcasts. The greater majority of individual’s reactions to Batum’s free agency, were to a great extent very positive and supportive, and did not waste much time paying any attention to the tweets. Miss Batum, being of Spanish and Algerian ascent, being too occupied, busy, ambitious, beautiful and fabulous did not have to challenge the ignorant twitter users to point a finger unto Algeria or Spain on a map.

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