Meet Miranda Wilhelm, Karlos Williams’ girlfriend and baby mama! Miranda Wilhelm has been Karlos Williams’ girlfriend for 2 years and gave birth to 2 kids. They will welcome their third kid soon because Miranda is pregnant currently.Miranda Wilhelm is Karlos Williams' Girlfriend and Baby Mama 2

But Miranda Wilhelm is not happy now. Just days ago she was assaulted by Wailiams and the photos of her injuries were posted by Miranda on her Facebook. The spousal abuse is the third one among three separate Flordia State starters during the past 2 years.

This is what Miranda said on her Instagram of domestic voilence:

Miranda Wilhelm is Karlos Williams' Girlfriend and Baby Mama

Domestic violence is NEVER okay. I have learned why women keep secrets and [are] scared to come forward. I’m ashamed to say I did the same thing but I am ready to speak up for women in situations like myself. I pray one day everyone sees your true colors and for what you really are. This was done to me 2 nights ago by a man I lived with for two years and bared two children by. Hopefully therapy will help you one day fix this and your sons never even work their hands to hurt a woman, mind you a pregnant woman to this extent.

But then she deleted her instagram account.

The Tallahassee Police Department received Miranda Wilhelm’ alleged crimes a day later.