Natalia Garibotto is DeSean Jackson’s Hot Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

Meet Natalia Garibotto! Natalia Garibotto is a student in Miami university. She is also a Brazilian model living in Miami. She was also Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend who is a Nba point guard which means she is not new in dating  players. The relationship with the NBA star came to a halt after he posted his picture with some models in a club, but this might some good news for Natalia for she is now an NFL woman.Natalia Garibotto is DeSean Jackson’s Hot Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

DeSean Jackson’s is a talented player he is also a 3 time pro bowler with an achievement of 16.2 yards per reception in 2013 and he  also ranked 9th in the league with 1332 receiving yards. That is more success than we can count he also was recognised for 2 positions in the same year to the pro bowl in 2010. The 2 positions were (1. wide receiver and 2. Return specialist. ) Jerry Rice a high recognised legend described him as having all the talent in the world and he said that nothing could ever stop him from being whoever he was meant to be.


Natalia should consider herself lucky to hook up with DeSean. In Fact lately he has been living a desirable life, on april 20th he was spotted chit chatting wit Rihanna and He is a social guy and has been spotted a few times outside clubs. below are more pictures of his new hot girlfriend.Untitled-1


Her instagram is @nataagataa