March 2, 2021

14 Things about Janan Harb, Secret Wife of Late Saudi King

Janan Harb, the secret wife of the late Saudi King, recently won payout worth more than £20m. Who is Janan Harb? Here are 14 things you should know about her!

14 Things about Janan Harb, Secret Wife of late Saudi King 2

  1. Janan Harb was born to a Christian family in Mandatory Palestine in 1947 and she is 68 years now.
  2. Her father was a restaurateur.
  3. She was the “secret wife” of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, today won more than £20m in damages and property from his son to continue the “lavish lifestyle” she had become accustomed to.
  4. She met her husband the year before in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and at that time she worked as a translator at the Venezuelan embassy.
  5. She married Fahd in 1968 when he was still a prince.
  6. She accompanied Fahd on trips to Us and Europe and was introduced to the wealthy businessmen and world leaders.
  7. Harb was banished by the king’s immediate family in 1970 because they believed she addicted to Methadone. The banishment led to her divorce.
  8. Harb married a Lebanese lawyer in 1974 and had 2 daughters.
  9. After the marriage, the King still gave her money to help her support her life. He paid for her to buy properties, one is £1m in Chelsea. Later she sold them back for £1.9m.
  10. She is the owner of an aerobics franchise and has opened branched around the world.
  11. Fahd would fly to her London flat to visit her until he suffered a stroke in 1995.
  12. She used £3m out of £5m gaven by Saudis to pay off gambling debts and her lavish lifestyle.
  13. She said she will publish a book entitled “The Saudi King and I” and she will write all the details of her relationship with King Fahd.
  14. It’s evident that she has had multiple plastic surgeries, such as Botox injections, lip injections and and facial fillers.

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