January 23, 2021

9 Things You Should Know about Ronda Kamihira, Bruce Jenner’s Girlfriend?

According to reports, Kris Jenner is planting the whole romantic situation between Ronda Kamihira and Bruce Jenner in order to have an interesting storyline for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. ‘It’s purely false that they are seriously dating’ a source told Radar Online.’Bruce suspects that the false rumours are coming from Kris’ camp, and knows it’s being used for the upcoming season of KUWTK.’ Anyway, here is a list of nine little known things about Ronda Kamihira.Ronda Kamihira 9 Things You Should Know

1) They both like golf.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenner and Kamihira are both great fans of golf. Jenner’s passion for the sport was often shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but Kris was never shown to share it and was not fond of it.

2) She resembles Kris.

Kris looks pretty good for her age but whether that is thanks to plastic surgery or genes, one can never know. Kamihira is another lady who looks younger than her years. Plus, she also has dark hair and eyes with an olive complexion exactly like Kris’.

3) Kris and Kamihira went on a holiday together.

According to People magazine, Jenner’s ex-wife and current girlfriend actually went on a holiday together a few months ago. They stayed at Joe Francis’ Punta Mita place in the area. There is also a picture of the two ladies from a few years ago showing them in Dubai, TMZ reports. Awkward!Ronda Kamihira 9 Things You Should Know 3

4) Kamihira has known the Jenner and Kardashians families for quite some time.

According to TMZ the three separate entities have known each other for more than two decades and were even neighbours when the lived in Hidden Hills. They even used to go holidaying together. As is obvious in an Instagram post by Kamihira, their kids are close as well. “Kendall and Kylie grew up with her two kids and have been their best friends,” an insider told People.

5) She’s not social media friendly.

Both Jenner and Kamihira seem to have an aversion to social media. While the former has no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, the latter has not used her Facebook and Twitter for many a year. Her Instagram usage is minimal. Kris is very active on all three websites.

6. Ronda used to work for Kris as her PA.

Now that is how one mixes business with pleasure. New Personal Assistants in Hollywood should learn from her ad take notes.

7. Their children were raised together.

According to People, Kendall and Kylie are good childhood friends with Kamihira’s kids and even post pictures with them on Instagram.

8. She’s loves dogs

Kamihira’s Instagram account is filled with photographs of a white pooch.

9. She’s not a vegetarian

Judging from an Instagram image of her breakfast of eggs benedict, which was made for her by her daughters, she is not a vegetarian.