March 2, 2021

Abbey Clancy Fake Lips or Real?

Just a few days ago pictures of Abbey Clancy early years emerged, along with her recent one where she seems to have so much fuller lips, she denied having done some artificial to her lips, she even joked about it but now she is hiding her lips, why? did she had her lips done or are those her real natural ones? you be the judge of that!!!

Abbey clancy fake lips

This was Abbey Clancy a couple of years ago, when we had the enormous pleasure to meet her.

Abbey Clancy early years picsAbbey Clancy early yearsAbbey_Clancy-younger photosAbbey_Clancy-younger picabbey-clancy-lipsAbbey_Clancy-younger picsAbbey_Clancy-younger picturesabbey-clancy-lips-early yearsAbbey_Clancy-younger picture

She has always been so beautiful and sexy, this is Abbey in 2011

abbey-clancy-lips 2011abbey-clancy-lips 2011-picabbey-clancy-lips 2011-pictureabbey-clancy-lips 2011-pictures

Still very hot and her lips seemed  a bit fuller, but check Abbey’s lips a few days ago at the special WAG’s Christmas lunch in Manchester, her lips looked so much fuller

Abbey clancy fuller lips picturesAbbey clancy fuller lips picsAbbey clancy fuller lips pic

After she heard about the speculation media had over her fuller lips she tweeted about it..

I swear I haven’t had my lips done!!!! #foralltheintelligentpeopleoutthere!”


This pictures were taken yesterday, Abbey her mother and daughter Sophia went out for lunch, but what called attention was not just how incredible sexy her mother if she could pass for her sister but Abbey lips which gave the impression she was hiding them.


So real or fake?

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