January 15, 2021

Abdulfattah Jandali Is Steve Jobs Birth Father (photos, wiki)

Meet Abdulfattah Jandali here. We all know Apple former CEO Steve Jobs was adopted at birth, but what do really know about his biological father Abdulfattah Jandali? Let me tell you just a few things about Steve Jobs’ father..

79 year-old Abdulfattah Jandali was born in Hims, Homs Governorate, Syria on March 15, 1931. He moved to Beirut where he enrolled in the American University on 1952 by the time he was 18, between 1952 and 1956 because the political and economic situation has worsen in Syria he went to Damascus University where he will become a lawyer against his father’s will (he father never went to college but he managed to become wealthy man who owned big areas of land in Syria)  after that he relocated to the U.S (New York) with a family friend and pursue his studies in economy and political sciences, he went to Columbia for a year before finishing his colleges studies at the University of Wisconsin and then became the University of Wisconsin’s political science professor. While he was teaching he met Joanne Carole Schieble from Green Bay. He and Joanne started dating, but according to Jandali Mr. Schieble was not so comfortable with him dating his daughter, even less fancy he was when he found out they were expecting their first child together, while she was still in college and unmarried.

Somewhere in this time Abdulfattah  added John to his name and he introduce himself as John Abdulfattah  Jandali, he and his girlfriend  talked into giving their unborn child for adoption, they wanted the child to have the life they couldn’t give him and a good education so they wanted to make sure  the child’s adoptive parents were college graduates they found a couple of lawyers who would adopt their baby when he or she was born, but when they found out they were expecting a boy the couple told Jandali and Schieble they were hoping to adopt a girl (Patty ), so they have to keep looking,  and so they bumped into Clark a machinist and coast guard veteran and his wife Clara an accountant, great people but not college graduates. The only way they would give them their baby was if their commit to give him a college education.

On February 24, 1955 by the time  was 23 he and Joanne welcome their son in San Francisco, a week later they gave him to the Jobs who named him Steve Paul Jobs. The following year  on December 26, 1955 while in Preble, Wisconsin he married Joanne, then they welcome their daughter Mona, born on June 14th, 1957 when Jandali was 26.

Abdulfattah flew to Syria looking for a better life his intention was to join the diplomatic corps, but that didn’t happened he only managed to get a job in Homs at a refinery plant, he did however get his doctorate thought but he had no choice but to go back to the U.S, by the time he got back things with Joanne went bad and they decided to split up his daughter Mona was 4.

Joanne remarry George Simpson, his daughter Mona took his stepfather name, she is today a successful novelist Mona Simpson, she and her mother reconnected with their brother Steve but no such thing happened with Jandali.

While he stays in the dark when it comes to his famous son and daughter he speaks proudly of their achievements. Abdulfattah Jandali he once said in an interview that after he split from Joanne he became Michigan and Nevada University’s assistant professor, but when he bought a restaurant and open two casinos he forgot about academics and focus on making cash.

Abdulfattah reconnected with Mona ten years after his divorce from Schieble, He didn’t stay alone thought on April 21, 1966 he got married again to Thelma in Sacramento, California. At age 65 he was working in Mandelay Circus two years later he was working  at the Boomtown Hotel and Casino.

Abdulfattah hasn’t been in Syria for more than 48 years, he plans to write a book in the future.

Media has search for Steve Jobs father recently, he is a executive vice-president at a casino in Reno and this is what he said about his son..

“This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbeds, to pick up the phone to call him, Steve will have to do that, as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune. Now I just live in hope that, before it is too late, he will reach out to me, because even to have just one coffee with him just once would make me a very happy man,”


4 thoughts on “Abdulfattah Jandali Is Steve Jobs Birth Father (photos, wiki)

  1. Well let me tell you, this John Jandali is a bit weird and in no way or shape should my words in any way possible be regarded as a statement of disrespect to Arabs or Moslems worldwide.

    Steve Jobs (may be rest in piece) is a man with a vision and he truly changed our perspective at a grand global scale.

    As for the so called John: Here is what I think:
    1-He spent his early years in the AUB in Beirut “hanging out with George Habash and Naief Hawatmeh”. Both are considered to be extremest Palestinans who tool part in Lebanon’s civil war and bearly had any influence on the present state of fragile peace between Palestinans or Isreali’s.
    2-Goes to the US, gets a woman pregnant and gives the son for adoption then marries her. No self respecting person of the Christian or Moslem Faith would do that. I mean is he out of it.
    3-Here is a good one, John decides to head back to Syria in search of a better life after graduation!!!!!
    Are we kidding ourselves. Better life would have been in the US.
    4-Wife devorces him while he is in Syria. Now that is something and Mona 9Steve’s sister) lives with her mother.
    5-Back to the States…he starts to get his act together then he (John) becomes a Casino Manager….Last time I checked, moslems were not allowed to GAMBLE let alone manage casinos.
    6-He seems to be a party animal who has little interest in responsibility.
    All in all, I do not think Mr. Jandali is what Syria has best to offer. My only appreciation to John is the fact his son Steve is maybe the greatest man of our generation and his father is by far, the least decent man of our generation. Missed opportunities…

  2. We are here to celebrate the man and not judge him or his father. I am sure if any of us was faced with the situation, the result might be the same or different. the good thing is all those circumstances has given us a world class human being, therefore we should name a day in his honer for the world to celebrate.

  3. Well at least thank the man for some of his genes…Steve Jobs was really the man he was because of all the circumstances that happened in his life…personal and business issues…this helped build his great character and resilient mind…this all led him to his remarkable journey.

  4. The big , so big difference in the life styles , the goals, the achievements of the two persons, John Abdul Fattah Jandali and Steve Jobs only shows that Genes are not the final element in making a person, it is the mentoring, the polishing, the love in ones life that makes the final effect.

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