March 3, 2021

Actor Stephen Collins Admits On Camera That He’s A Pedophile!

Disgraced ‘Seventh Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins, told Katie Couric on camera that the sexual assault against minors claims are in fact true. Collins,67, was publicly exposed as a serial pedophile, when an audio recording was released by TMZ in October. Fans and colleagues of Collins were shocked by the allegations. Stephen_CollinsThe audio was made in 2012, and was of Collins his estranged wife Faye Grant and a therapist. Collins says he did not know the therapy session was being taped, and he did not give his consent to the tape being made and or released. He said he had been dealing with sexual predilection towards children for years and very aggressively in private. Collins says he was prepared to deal with his ‘condition’ publicly’ and that he was violated by the sessions being taped. Collins told Couric that there was an incident in 1973, that he exposed him self to a young girl. He said it happened again when the girl came for a visit to him and his first wife, Marjorie Weinman. Collins said he knew that “something terribly wrong had happened, but I couldn’t take it back.”

He went on to say he was a “flawed” person, and that he’s made some serious mistakes, He asserts that the incidents in question all took place from around 1971 to 1994, and that therapy and Christian counseling have completely eliminated any urges he has had to assault minors. He claims he is completely “cured” of this predilection towards children that he has. When Collins and Weinman divorced in 1978 after an eight year marriage, he met fellow actor Grant on a movie set. They dated for 6 years, and married in 1985 and have an adult daughter Kate. Collins filed for divorce in 2012 after 27 years of marriage. The two are still dueling in the courts regarding property and asset distribution. They have yet to finalize their divorce. Further divorce hearings between the two have been delayed until 2015 due to all the publicity the allegations against Collins have generated.

Many leading psychologists are expressing doubts regarding Collins claims that he is now “cured” of his pedophile tendencies. Many are weighing in now, saying ¬†that it’s a disorder that is almost ¬†impossible to cure. Collins has had an acting career that started in the 60’s. When this story first broke the allegations were so dark and disturbing they were hard to believe, but when people heard the actor’s voice, the allegations were presumed to be true. Not that Collins is admitting to the allegations on camera, there leaves no doubt at all. He played the virtuous father and pastor on the TV show Seventh Heaven for 11 years in the 90’s. However the shocking allegations of sexual allegations against minors, he is now known as box office poison that no one wants to be involved with. ¬†Following the October release of the tape, Collins lost acting jobs, and the show that made him the most famous, has been pulled from syndication. After remaining silent since the news broke he is speaking out, in the hopes perhaps of repair his reputation and career.






Donna Thomas

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