November 23, 2020

Actor Vin Diesel’s Model Girlfriend Paloma Jimenez Happy To Support Him!

Actor Vin Diesel, 47 is playing happy family man with model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez,30. The actor has remained very guarded about his private life. Diesel has said that he falls along the lines of old world thinking, in that your private life is private. He doesn’t want to be stalked and harassed when he is out with his family.Vin+Diesel+Paloma+Jimenrz

The couple have two children a daughter, Hania 8, and son Vincent 5. Paloma has been a model for the last ten years, and has some profile clients in her portfolio. Including Coca-Cola, Pantene Shampoo and Honda. It’s very important for Diesel to put out the happy family man for his image, inside sources say there have been issues on the home front, not that different from may other high profile relationships.

Diesel appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few years back. The conversation started off simple enough. Diesel talked about the magazine cover he was currently on ‘Mens Fitness’. He claims he’s ever used any steroids, some people called him out on that after the interview, saying that he does. During the interview he said he doesn’t feel that he has to use steroids.

He said ” The reason I’m saying this is because I have friends that are bouncers, that would do steroids and then have to have their private parts drained. So I am lucky that I’ve never felt the urge or felt like I had to do steroids. Now as an actor I’m not even thinking about being a body builder.”

He talked about Facebook as well. “When Facebook started and you saw the movie, they were promoting it like people were following it to find out people’s martial status. That was kind of like Myspace, what they weren’t taking into consideration was that a star could have a relationship with you, and how profound that would be.”

He went on to say, that he was one of the first celebrities on Facebook interacting with his fans, so Facebook owes him billions of dollars. He was of course saying that in jest, but the it got a lot of laughs from the audience. Diesel told Leno, “I’ve been coming on this show millions of times. You have always been, you were the first. I remember when I came for ‘Fast and the Furious’. My daughter was just born and I talked to you about the red Chevelle I just gave her. You would always say are you married yet, are you married yet, now you have two kids.

I thought maybe you might want to meet my kids.” Diesel asked the audience if they wanted to meet his kids. The audience reacted with a lot of applause and hooting and jeers. With that his two kids came out, and he introduced them to Jay and the audience. His girlfriend came out with his son, and he introduced her as well, by saying “This is Paloma”. He then went on to explain a clip from the ‘Fast and Furious’, as his son sat on his lap.

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