October 29, 2020

Actress Kaitlyn Leeb is Three Breasted woman in Total Recall Remake! (PHOTOS)

Who can’t forget the three breasted woman in the 1990 film Total Recall? I know it is legendary in a very kinky way. Len Wiseman directed the remake of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and his lovely wife Kate Beckinsale and he also confirmed the three breasted woman will be on this 2012 film, and the actress that will relieve that busty chick is actress Kaitlyn Leeb also known as Kaitlyn Wong.

Kaitlyn Leeb Total Recall three boobs woman photo

Director Len Wiseman is the man in charge of the remake of Total Recall, in this new film Colin Farrell portrays Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Douglas Quaid, along him is Kate Beckinsale as Lori (Sharon Stone character in 1990), Jessica Biel, bill Nighy, John Cho  and so many great names.

Len wanted to give TR his own trademark,, but he couldn’t left out some f the aspects from the older movie that made Total Recall a classic and yes the main important thing is the prostitute with three boobs who will be portrayed the the beautiful Canadian actress Kaitlyn Leeb.

Although she is pretty young she has a lot of experience. For starters did you know that this stunning Toronto native  comes from a Chinese/Irish background which explains her exotic looks.  In 2009 she competed at the Miss CHIN Bikini Pageant, her beauty put her on the campaigns for FUZE drinks, Dentyne Ice, and Virgin Mobile. Kaithlyn has a degree in Psychology from York university.

Part of her resume includes Disney’s Aaron Stone as Jill, T.V series Beautiful People, The Jazzman in  2009, T.V series Blue Mountain State, Locked Down as Trina, as Bridget in the 2011 film Wrong Turn. And this year you can see Ms. Leed as Dayln in Love Me, as Becca in Hail Satan and as our three breasted woman in Total Recall.

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And now the pictures you have been waiting for, Kaitlyn Leeb’s three breasts look..

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