November 23, 2020

Adam Horsley Is Imogen Thomas Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Imogen Thomas left behind her scandal with Manchester United player Ryan Giggs, when you thought she quit on athletes when went on with Danny Capriani, but he slammed her hardly on Twitter when he was spotted with Katie Price, today Imogen looks happy in the arms of another man, this time is Adam Horsley and he is no athlete. Find out more about Mr.Horsley from his bio below


We have seen Imogen Thomas holding hands with Adam Horsley a very handsome guy with a gorgeous smile, at first nobody knew his name and media simply talked about him as Imogen’s mystery man, but now that we know his name we want to know all or at least some about him, so what’s his story?

26 year-old Adam Horsley from Rotherhithe, South London is a city trader at Sucden Financial, in the beginning the daily mail said Adam was actually her bff Emily’s boyfriend  model Parris Taylor, Imogen went to her Twitter to clear that rumor.

28 year-old Imogen’s friends she has really fallen for sexy Adam Horsley, we are glad, he is hot!!!

“She has really fallen hard for Adam. He has no ego and treats her like a princess.”

And the Princess and her Prince are soon to become parents. really?

Oh yes, Imogen spoke openly about the happiness she found now that she is dating Adam and even happier to know that she is 12 weeks pregnant, she also said they are expecting a girl.

“I can’t believe how happy I am. What happened last year was utterly horrendous. I never thought I would find happiness again but finding love then falling pregnant has transformed my life.

“I can’t wait to be the best mum I possibly can be. I am so, so excited. Knowing my child is growing inside me is just mind-blowing.

“I am now 12 weeks and am due in January. I’m convinced I’m having a girl because I can’t stop being sick and eating potatoes of all descriptions. My mum had the same symptoms with me. I have been trying to cover my bump with baggy clothes but my boobs are growing huge too and I think people are starting to notice.

“I’m really excited to finally come out and say, ‘I’m going to be a mummy’. Last year was a nightmare. Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

“Adam and I have been together for just ten months. It has been a whirlwind but when you are in love I don’t think it matters how fast or slow you take things.”

Scroll down for Adam Horsley photos and video

Adam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-photoAdam_Horsley_Imogen_Thomas_boyfriendAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-imagesAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-imageAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-imgeAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-photosAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-picAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-picsAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-pics1Adam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-pictureAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-picture1Adam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-picturesAdam-Horsley-imogen-thomas-boyfriend-pictures1Imogen thomas pregnant photoImogen thomas pregnant pic

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