November 24, 2020

Adriane “Ace” Harper Is Velvet Revolver/ Guns N’ Roses Matt Sorum Girlfriend

Matt Sorum former Guns’ N’ Roses Drummer, then with Velvet Revolver and his stunning girlfriend Adriane  aka Ace Harper are getting married, but we should  learn more about her right? I thought so too, so let’s Ace ourselves up!!!

Adriane ace harper matt sorum girlfriend pictures

Adriane Harper also known as Ace Harper 51 year-old boyfriend Matt Sorum spend 7 years as a drummer with Guns N’ Roses after he left, he joined former Guns’ band mates Slash and Duff McKagan in Velvet Revolver  in 2002, the next year he released his solo album Hollywood  Zen, and now let’s find out about his hot girlfriend Ace Harper, did you know that he has a tattoo of her portrait on his leg? The moment he got that one was featured in LA Ink  and tattoo artist Kat Von D did it for him.

We have previously seen Ace Harper in  Rock Wives along her man, they have been dating for quite some time, as a matter of fact seven years, Radar OnLine told us Matt and Ace were celebrating the drummer’s 51st birthday with their French bulldogs Bowie and Lola in Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico where they will be getting married next May!!

Oklahoma native Adriane or Ace is the lead singer of Diamond Baby where she goes by the name of Ace of Diamonds,  she is also a great dancer. Ace and her beau created the music band Darling Stilettos in 2008, the rest of the member are Franky, Krystal, Tiffany and certainly Matt as Baron Von Storm. Ace once said about her band..

“It’s a modern take on old school rock. Rock ‘n’ roll and dance have always gone hand-in-hand. Every frontman is really a dancer—from Iggy Pop to Axl Rose—they’re just not trained though. We take those classic moves and put our own spin on them as a group.”

Ace Harper  starred as a dancer in the 2009 episode Amongst Friends of Entourage

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  1. She’s a total gold digger, slept her way round various bands to get at Matt then pretended she was pregnant to get a proposal

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