March 5, 2021

Alahna Aldridge is One Direction Niall Horan’s Girlfriend- Is She a real person?

Alahna Aldridge is no stranger  to One Direction, not just because she is a super hot model, who once dated Harry Styles but because she is not  dating the younger member of the popular  British band Niall Horan. But some people claim Alahna Aldridge does not exist, is it real?

Niall Horan girlfriend 2012

There is not info about young model Alahna Aldridge, she briefly dated Harry, they broke up last January and after that Alahna began to see Niall, nothing serious until she fell for him and started to date, that was two months ago. It was reported Niall spoke to Harry first.

“Harry was a little put out at first – he was sweet on Alahna and he’s not used to losing out on a girl to another guy. But, despite the initial tension, all was forgiven and Harry told Niall he was happy for him.”

So what about Alahna Aldridge, her last name sounds familiar. it sure does, that is because her half sister is Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge, who is married to Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill.

There is not info about 17-year-old Alahna, her father is Alan Aldridge the famous graphic designer, who designed the Hard Rock Café logo, I have no idea who her mother is but we do know that her half siblings includes Miles Aldridge the fashion photographer, Saffron Aldridge the famous Ralph Lauren model in the 90’s, Lily and Marc Jacobs model Ruby Aldridge.

The strange thing of this story or should I say about Alahna is that there is not a single picture of her on the internet, probably she goes by another name. By the way the girl in this pics is Ali McGinley, who might be Niall’s real girlfriend on 2012.

Niall Horan girlfriend 2012 pictureNiall Horan girlfriend 2012 photoNiall Horan girlfriend 2012 pic

19 thoughts on “Alahna Aldridge is One Direction Niall Horan’s Girlfriend- Is She a real person?

  1. Awkward moment when the picture of “Niall kissing that girl” is actually a picture of Ellen Degeneres and her partner….


  3. Everyone this is fake! FAKE! There’s no such model called Alahna Aldridge and if there ever was, it surely isn’t Lily Aldridge’s half-sister like she stated. Lily got one brother Miles and one sister called Ruby, and the only half-sister she has is called Saffron, You can look it up on the internet. Plus I don’t remember Harry being famous and going out with any other women besides Caroline Flack. This obviously is a crazy 1D fan trying to play a bad joke on the other fans. YES, unfortunately, immature and bratty people still exist…

  4. This is really fake first off Niall dosent date models, if she just switches off between dating people in the band that’s just really mean (snotty girl probably) Second off ali mcginley is not dating niall! They said so themselves!!!

  5. In the picture where they are apparently Justin that’s not Niall anyone could tell that

  6. guys dont worry, shes not even real. look up pictures of her…shes not a model, she doesnt have a twitter, theres pictures of like 5 different looking girls, none of them are her! those girls in the picture with niall on the couch with him in the tux are from 2011 and its his friend from Mullingar. Her names Ali McGinley….Ahlana isn’t even like a person ahha 🙂 x

  7. All I know is that even if he did have a girlfriend, I would be happy for him. I really don’t think the boys would date each others ex-girlfriends anyway. I am also pretty sure that whoever posted this “article” will soon be hunted down by some of us directioners. So, lets everybody take a deep breath and calm ourselves here and think of happy things like, the boys are supposed to release their new hit single in a couple weeks or so. 🙂

    Alahna Aldridge is NOT a real person!!!! Whoever made her is stealing Australian Model Danielle Mansutti’s photos! Just check out Danielles facebook page!

  9. Alahna is not real guys! She’s stealing pics from Danielle Mansutti, please everyone report Alahna

  10. I want to tell this question to everybody I meet Niall Horan in the arena and they were all singing and he called me and he said do you want to be my girlfriend I said yes and he gave my some flower so it is not anyone’s he is mine and he is actually sitting near me right now and I am make some cupcakes to him and some sandwithers

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