March 5, 2021

Alana Diaz Is Imogen Thomas Sister

For Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas the nightmare after her affair with Manchester United star Ryan Giggs became public is not over after he confessed about never been blackmail by Imogen, because today her family is receiving death threats. These family member are her dear sister Alana Diaz her husband and young son.

Alana Diaz Imogen Thomas Sister picture

29 year-old Imogen Thomas was cleared of the charges of blackmail Ryan Giggs with whom the model had a brief affair, he also had an affair with his sister In-law Natasha Giggs, who was married to his brother Rhodri Giggs.

For a moment Imogen thought her nightmare was over, but it just got worse after some of Giggs’ fans send death threats to her three year-old nephew son of her older sister Alana and her Chilean husband Enrique Diaz, who sadly had to go into hiding.

30 year-old Alana Diaz the first and eldest daughter of Charles and Jeannette Thomas was born in Swansea, South Wales. At age 6 Alana developed alopecia, loosing big chunks of her hair. Aland Thomas became Alana Diaz when she got married to Chilean born Enrique Diaz (34) a wine seller, they live in their home in Llanelli, South Wales with their 2 year-old son.

Last year when her sister ‘s affair with Giggs became public, we heard Alana Diaz spoke about her sister’s health, something that worried her at the time.

“She’s a mess and getting worse. She might do something stupid. She’s always crying and says, ‘What’s the point in carrying on?'”

Alana called the blackmail allegation “complete rubbish”.

“Imogen is on medication to help with her anxiety. She’s just breaking down,’ her sister Alana Diaz told New! magazine.

She’s locked herself away at home. She’s lost so much weight. Imogen has always been a size 10-12 but now she’s gaunt and a size 6-8. t’s like she’s died inside. I’m worried she may become anorexic. he can’t work and she’s probably lost between £50,000 to £100,000. You could buy a house in Wales for that,

Recently and sadly Alana Diaz and her family had to go into hiding after Giggs’s fans send death threats to her son, they said they would be shot thru the head, they also said they would kill Imogen and other family member.

“I fear my life is in danger. I had to get police involved now they’re threatening my nephew. He’s the most important thing in my life,” Said Imogen

Alana’s husband Mr. Diaz said police told them not to stay at the home, but rather go to a friend’s house, he said he was considering flying with his son and wife Alana to Chile.

“It is horrible to receive a death threat against your son. It was a really stressful, crazy time. You don’t know if a stranger could suddenly lash out and attack you. The police told us to move around. When we did stay in our own house all the doors were locked all the time. I was in the car with the boy and I kept thinking, ‘Anyone could jump on us at any time’.”

Alana Diaz Imogen Thomas Sister picAlana Diaz Imogen Thomas Sister pictureAlana Imogen thomas mother Jeannette

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