January 16, 2021

Albert DePrisco- Patrick Swayze’s wife Lisa Niemi’s New Boyfriend

Patrick Swayze loving and beautiful wife Lisa Niemi or Lisa Swayze showed the amazing woman she is when her husband needed her the most, after his sadden death to pancreatic cancer in 2009 Lisa continued her labor of love,  now love has found Lisa as she is currently dating famous Boston jeweler Albert DePrisco

Lisa Niemi Albert dDePrisco

According to media 56-year-old Lisa Niemi met 57-year-old Albert DePrisco  last spring when they were introduced by a mutual friend at a gathering in Cali, witnesses said the sparks were flying everywhere as soon as they set eyes on each other.

“Lisa and Albert were introduced by a mutual friend at a California gathering late last spring,” a source close to the couple told the Enquirer. “From the moment they met, there was an attraction between them.”

Lisa has already met her new in-laws and according to the same source they are smitten by her why wouldn’t they, she is adorable!!

One morning Albert dropped off Lisa at a yoga studio. Then after he returned to pick her up, they met his parents for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays in an upscale shopping area,” the source said.

“Both of Albert’s parents really seemed to take a shine to Lisa. The four of them spent the afternoon at lunch, chatting and laughing. Before leaving, Albert’s parents hugged Lisa goodbye.

“It’s clear they’re both very taken with her,”

Albert DeBrisco the youngest son of Francis and Marie DePrisco took on the family jewelry business in the late 90’s, his older sister Donna runs DePrisco Jewelers stores in Osterville while he open the store in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Does anyone know if Mr. DePrisco was married? found that Albert and Amy DePrisco hosted the catered holiday party which benefited the “Make a Wish” foundation. Is she cousin or ex-wife? anyone?

Albert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend photoAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend photosAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend pic

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