October 22, 2020

Alejandra Gaitan Is YouTube Reply Girl

Meet Alejandra Gaitan, she is known as You Tube’s Reply Girl or YouTube most hated personalities, she is even getting death threats, so want to know more about her?

Alejandra Gaitan youtube reply girl-picture

The  Latin 24 year-old girl Alejandra Gaitan lives in Canada on her YouTube channels she calls herself Reply Girl and in every of her videos she uses her personal Thousand of Views weapon- Her Breasts.

Not showing them really but rather wearing skimpy clothes that can assure her advertisers  hundred, thousands of clicks, according to the DailyMail Alejandra Gaitan might be earning about $100 per video and up to $1,000 for those that draw more than 500,000 hits. Gaitan said she is not making that much money otherwise she wouldn’t be freezing her butt in Canada but rather tanning her cleavage in a tropical island.

“I had been below the poverty line for the longest while — at least seven years — and, you know what, I just wanted to make money on my own. It’s a decent amount of money. Am I a millionaire? No. Not at all,” she says. If I had all the money in the world I probably wouldn’t be freezing here in winter in Canada. I would most likely be somewhere in a tropical island.”

YouTubers and companies posting content are furious with Alejandra Gaitan and her ways of making a living. Comments such as ‘are you in jail for being a ugly whore?’ and ‘please please..cut the head’ are pouring in on her videos.

They are also threaten her saying things like ‘go kill yourself, go suicide, jump off a cliff, I’m going rape you *&(^%, I’m going to go ahead kill you, I’m going to hack your account,’ reported the tabloid. But she is not even the least afraid..

“Regardless of all the hate, there’s this small group that supports me,” Gaitan says. “If the YouTube partnership or monetization program didn’t exist, I would keep doing personal blogs, you know, ’cause they do appreciate me.”

I just have one purpose in life and that is to be successful. No matter how bad life seems to be, there will always be a way around and that aptitude is the one that makes the difference between the ones that lose and the ones that succeed

Scroll down for a Video of Alejandra Gaitan “Reply Girl” and the one she made especially for Gawker.

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