November 24, 2020

Alexandra Reeve is Christopher Reeve’s Daughter

Alexandra Reeve’s father Superman actor Christopher Reeve died 7 years ago, by that time she was 20. Follow us in this story about the life of Christopher Reeve’s beautiful daughter, Alexandra

Alexandra reeve christopher reeve daughter-pic

Alexandra Reeve’s daddy died on October 2004 at the age of 52, even though he starred in  over 22 movies he will always be remember as  his role as Clark Kent in Superman, a place that no  actor haven’t been able to replace after all these years.

Christopher accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down took place on May  27th, 1995 when he was riding his 12 year-old American thoroughbred horse Eastern Express in Culpeper, Virginia the horse has a refusal and he rolled up the horse neck and fell on the other side of the jump, he suffered substantial damage on his his first and second vertebrae. His wife Dana, ex girlfriend Gae Exton, and children William, Matthew and certainly Alexandra were by his side. 28 year-old Alexandra Reeve the only daughter he and Gae Exton had, continue the amazing job her father and stepmother started in their Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Along her brother she served in the Foundation’s board of directors, her stepmom Dana was diagnose with lung cancer in 2005 she passed away a year later.

Her mother Gae Exton is a former model and mental health counselor from Britain was previously married to David Iverson when she met Reeve in 1977 at Pinewood Studios commissary in London. She and Reeve split up in 1987 Alexandra was 3. Alexandra Ali” Exton Reeve was born in December, 1983 at Welbeck Hospital in London her brother Matthew was born in 1979.


In 2001 she attended Yale University where she met her husband 31 year-old Garren Givens, they got engaged in 2007, and got married on September 6, 2008. Alexandra graduated from Yale in 2005 after that she went to NY and got into Columbia University as a student in the School of Law

Alexandra reeve christopher reeve daughter-pictureAlexandra reeve christopher reeve daughter and husband garren givens

Alexandra starred next to her father in the 1998 film Rear Window, well she was actually his assistant but still is pretty cool to know, right?

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