March 7, 2021

Alfonso Hernandez and Michael Edmonds guilty of Killing Marcus Luttrell’s Labrador dog DASY

Marcus Luttrell author of the book The Lone Survivor will finally have justice, the cold blooded murders that killed his beloved 4 year-old dog Dasy have been found and prosecuted they are Alfonso Hernandez and Michael Edmonds and Dasy was not the first dog these sadistic  freaks killed.

DASY marcus luttrell therapy dog pic

We all know who is Dasy’s owner and friend, right? just in case let me tell you real quick about him..

36 year-old Marcus Luttrell from Huntsville, Texas, a Sam Houston State University graduate joined the United States Navy in March, 1999. He was the only survivor from Operation Redwing in June 28, 2005 where Marcus Luttrell  as part of SEAL Team 5 were in charge find Ahmad Shah and get him live or dead.

Marcus his friends and comrades Danny Dietz, Matthew “Axe” Axelson and Michael “Yankee” Murphy captured three goat herders, they make a vote to decided whether they would kill or released them, at the end they released them, it is believed these herders told Taliban forces their location because an hour after their released Luttrell and the rest of the team engaged in a long battle with the a way too large group of Taliban.

Luttrell was badly wounded from been  blown off a cliff by a rocket-propelled grenade, Axe, Danny and Murphy were killed, just like the  18 men who were send as backup (8 SEALS  and 10 night stalkers) in a Chinook that was taken down by the Talibans once they got to the battle area. Marcus escaped and found rescued in the house of some villagers, he was rescued 6 days later.

After he came back he received a Labrador puppy, he named her DASY after his friends Danny, Axe, Southern Boy for Marcus and Murphy whose nickname was Yankee. The idea of giving him the dog was as  therapy to help him recovered from his wounds and from loosing his friends. On the terrible day of April 1st, 2009 two men shot Dasy with  a .357 Magnum gun at Luttrell’s home, he woke  up, found Dasy dead and found her killers, however when they run away he chased them in his truck for four counties, he called 911 and the suspects were intercepted by Onalaska Police Department.

These two men are 21 year-old Michael John Edmonds II and 24 year-old  Alfonzo Hernandez, from New Waverly. Hernandez was arrested at the scene for driving without a license, Edmonds  turned himself in 6 days later.

On 2009 the case of Dasy’s murders  was reopened, Three years later Marcus  posted on his Facebook fan page about the trial for Dasy’s killers..


  • Marcus LuttrellCourt date on Thursday for DASY’s killer’s I’ll keep y’all posted on what happens. It’s only been almost 3 years glad it’s finally here.

And this one on December 1st where Alfonso Hernandez and Michael Edmonds were found guilty of cruelty to non-livestock animals, which carries a sentence of up to two years in a state facility and a $10,000 fine. Michael Edmonds, pleaded guilty to the same charge and admitted he was the one who fired the shot that killed DASY.


Marcus Luttrell

Guilty…promised you DASY I would not give up on you, I know it took a while but we got it done. RIP DASY

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