January 23, 2021

Amanda Thatcher is Margaret Thatcher’s Granddaughter (Photos, wiki, bio, video)

Amanda Thatcher is Margaret Thatcher’s Granddaughter. Amanda Thatcher Wiki: Amanda Thatcher, this 19-year-old girl, graduated from Dallas’s Highland Park High School last year, now a freshman studying at the University of Richmond in Virginia. Margaret Thatcher once mentioned Amanda in the late 1990s when Thatcher told an interviewer that…

I’m  in greatest delight when my daughter-in-law sends me photographs of the grandchildren.” – Margaret Thatcher

amanda thatcher is margaret thatcher grandaughter

(Amanda Thatcher pic, getty images)

Her school reported her as a talented sportswoman and was voted as “most likely to change the world” by high school classmates. But Amanda’s speaking proved Amanda’s ability is far beyond sports. When she delivered an expressive reading at the Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, everyone was shocked and a question raised that if Amanda Thatcher will be the next Margaret Thatcher?

Amanda Thatcher has a brother, Michael Thatcher, 24-year-old. Their parents are Sir Mark Thatcher and his first wife, Diane Beckett. Read more about Margaret Thatcher’s Twins: Mark Thatcher and Carol Thatcher

According to Newyork daily news, Michael Thatcher graduated from Texas A&M several years ago and now works in Dallas.

amanda thatcher pic

 Amanda Thatcher and her family, Photo: Reuters

It’s reported that her speaking inspiring that she calls on Christians to stand against the “wiles of the devil”:

drew particular accolades for her composure as she read a New Testament verse that spoke to her grandmother’s strength: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Amanda thacher photos

Wearing a black coat and dress, a wide-brimmed hat and pearls, Ms Thatcher then read from Ephesians 6: 10-18. getty images

When later asked her if she was nervous, she said no and “It’s sort of in the blood.”

After the speech, there’re praises all over the Internet and all hoped her to be in public more often.

“I thought she read absolutely beautifully and she has that attractive mid-Atlantic accent, she was splendid.” -” Dame Mary Archer, Lord Archer’s wife, Lord Archer was the the former Conservative Party deputy chairman. “

She and her brother are dedicated evangelical Christians, and were Baroness Thatcher’s “greatest delight” in later life. They sat in the front row of St Paul’s between their father and stepmother.

Before the service, they preceded Lady Thatcher’s coffin into the cathedral, carrying cushions bearing the insignias of the Order of the Garter and the Order of Merit.

Wearing a black coat and dress, a wide-brimmed hat and pearls, Ms Thatcher then read from Ephesians 6: 10-18.