August 4, 2020

Amy Pinto-Walsh Is Painter of Light Thomas Kinkade’s Mistress/ Girlfriend

Painter Of Light Thomas Kinkade passed away early this moth, we  know that he left behind his wife Nanette and the couples four daughters, but another lady was present in the famous painter’s life his mistress Amy Pinto-Walsh, but who is she? Are there any pictures of Kinkade and Amy?

Amy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend photo

54 year-old Thomas Kinkade aka Painter of Light died on April 6th, in his sleep at his home in Monte Sereno, California where he lived with his girlfriend (not mistress, he and his wife separated before he hooked up with Amy).

At first we thought he was his wife were still together, but after his death it was revealed that Nanette filed for divorce two years ago and he was currently living with his girlfriend Amy Pinto Walsh, who between tears spoke to media after his death from their home on Cali..

“He died in his sleep, very happy, in the house he built, with the paintings he loved, and the woman he loved.”

Amy Pinto began dating Kinkade 18 months ago, and 6 months after the painter‘s wife filed for divorce, it was recently reported that Amy has been gathering photos and personal information and said she will released it to harm the Kinkade’s family and their business, Amy showed that to Linda Raasch. Linda who is a dear friend warned Nanette abut the issue and now Mrs. Kinkade filed a restraining order against Pinto- Walsh the order banned Amy from releasing any of those pics or/ and info that could harm her and her daughters.

Kinkade’s death is surrounded by mystery, the night before his death Amy made a 911 call, she said he had been drinking all night, some people rumored that she might had something to do with his death, they had a volatile relationship, and 911 had responded to several call from the Monte Sereno’s home, a neighbor said Amy and Kinkade would get in some nasty fights.

So what about  Pinto? Here is a little biography on Amy..

48 year-old Amy Pinto Walsh  was born in India, she grew up in Kuwait and was the mother of two teenage daughters from her previous marriage to Russell Walsh, she  obtained her B.S in engineering from the university of South Carolina- Columbia in 1986, that same year she served as a electrical engineer at Square D Company, two years later Amy Pinto was a software engineer at AT&T.

In 1996 she was a marketing manager a TMG, until 2002 wen she became a senior business development manager at Sierra Computing technologies. four years later  Pinto Walsh was named sales rep at Bay Alarm Company, her current job is as a senior business development at ESG consulting.

Amy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend picAmy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend picture


34 thoughts on “Amy Pinto-Walsh Is Painter of Light Thomas Kinkade’s Mistress/ Girlfriend

  1. looking at the size of this womans hands its apparent she is hispanic and most likely needs monthly back shaves and mustache hair removal. see folks this is whats happens when your drink to much ugly people like this s**t pinto become beautiful because of blurred vision. i find hard to famtom he would hook up with that ugly a** if he was sober.

  2. I have spent hundreds of dollars on his paintings and I thought he was a Christian. Now I don’t know what to do with them, burn them, give them to the Salvation army, or keep them. Looking at them might remind me of his girlfriend and wife. Such a sorry situation..

  3. It says she was born in India and I would bet that she has a much better command of the English language than you do.
    To much? lol

  4. Thomas Kincade’s wife filed to divorce him. I see nothing wrong with him dating this woman. Amy probably filled an empty spot in his heart, and didn’t start dating him until 6 months after the divorce filing. It would have been different if he were in an affair with Amy during his marriage.

  5. Maybe you shouldn’t mix your forms of entertainment with religion? Does the world look at a Rembrandt and say, “I don’t want that hanging on my wall. He drank and had a mistress!” ??? And who are you to be his judge intimating that he wasn’t a Christian? It seems you are very selective in what commandments you keep, or interpret your way out of through ration and logic…

    If you don’t want the paintings do the Christian thing and give them to me. My family would enjoy them daily. The Word does say that if someone asks you for your cloke, give them your tunic as well. That is, if you’re not going to ration your way out of a biblical command???

    If you want my mailing address, just let me know. I will tell you where to send them.

  6. If Pinto-Walsh loved KinKade she would not be trying to ruin his legacy. I find that sad he was very talented and a terrific artist. What she is doing is horrible and not good Karma and Karma will come back and get her.

  7. I think he had heart attack watching them big boobs bounce while she went cowgirl on him. Happy ending!

  8. Kinkade was a genius….!!!! Who cares if he was banging some big titted bimbo from Bombay. More power to him for objectifying a low class hooker like Amy Pinto.

  9. Wasn’t Amy Pinto tramping around Los Gatos with some guy with a Irish accent at the same time she was living with Kinkade ?

  10. There was an affair Wendy, Nanette left Thom and filed because she found out he cheated on her with Amy…”dating Thom 6 months after Nanette left” isn’t what insiders are saying.

  11. Man, that gal is NASTY looking. One would have to be drunk to approach that piece of trash.

  12. I couldn’t agree more, Amy Pinto is a living definition of the phrase “gold digging w***e”.

  13. Wow, you sound like a very angry person… Your the exact volatile concoction that breeds racism and sexism. What happened to you?

  14. He was living with her and died in her bed! How is she ruining his legacy by telling the truth?

  15. Oh your sooooo right, no American woman would ever dream up such a scheme. Or, maybe she truely cared for him. Are you gonna be okay, or did you pop a blood vessel while typing that rant?

  16. Where does this hatred for this woman come from? She didn’t kill him. She was his friend, lover, companion and was with him when he died. Why is she the target of so much hatred? If she was in it for the money as so many claim, wouldn’t she have gotten more by marrying him and then letting him drown his sorrows? Have you ever lived with an alcoholic? They drink. To excess! Nothing can stop them.

    It seems that the wife is concerned with his reputation because the future income depends on it. She had to know about Amy. From what I’ve read, Amy was with him six months after Nanette filed for divorce. That doesn’t make her his mistress. It makes her his girlfriend. I’m sure she is grieving and then she finds herself caught up in this horrible situation. I wouldn’t want to be her.

  17. I thinkit is a tragedy what happened to thom and his family, Nanette was probalbly correct to leave this man after his baligerant drunken stupers. She had to protect herself and her girls.Afer all this isn’t the man she married. And to have hooked up with that thing who obviously didn’t love the man too much or she wouln’t of made such threats,he must have said to himself “what the hell did I do”?every day! He hadn”t stopped loving Nanette or they would have been divorced after all this time, and remeber this is a man who put her initial in his paintings. It was not over, they just did not get a chance to fix it. That woman should have backed off and let Thom fix himself, if he came back to her then it would have been meant to be. I seriosly doubt that he would have stayed with “That” over Nanette and his girls sober.

  18. being separated is not a divorce.It’s still cheating if the divorce is not final.there were also 4 children to be considered that probally had to listen to alot of lip about their “christian father”.

  19. again mary kay being separated does not make him single.she is a mistress until he is divorced.

  20. I agree with you Lisa .It was obvious how much he cared for Nanette every time you would see them together and the way he looked at her.

  21. Check your facts dummy before you open your mouth, oh and since your noting her big hands you might look in the mirror at your BIG MOUTH!

  22. Are you by any chance Michael Galvan the first Ohlone Indian Catholic priest from Mission San Jose?

  23. Nanette also had lovers. When people separate it is their private business. The divorce was dragging on for years. BOTH had VERY separate lives BOTH had lovers. They both deserve happiness. Who are we to judge what makes people happy?

  24. At least the has the lady balls to show up to court. She looked confident and strong. Seems like someone was missing from the courtroom…..

  25. What is Kinkade’s ex-wife scared about – what is in the “family photos” that could cause harm to the family? I think the thing that harms Amy’s case the most is her over-large fake breasts….she does not try to dress to downplay them – even in court – does she not realize that those big ole jugs speak a million words!!!

  26. What if you put valium in his drink when he wasn’t looking. I have a hard time believing he would mix drinks. She had a big interest in his wealth…maybe she will get something because the courts will want to award her something, but really doesn’t deserve anything. He was married along time to his wife compared to having an affair with this womanfor 18 months. I have his art all over my home. I am not reminded of his issues in life he had. I’m reminded of the talented artist he was….no one else can compare and he it affordable to those of us who couldn’t buy the real thing. Good luck to his wife Amy, he was still married to her and also to his beautiful daughters who don’t deserve what this woman is putting this family through. Virginia

  27. Bal, you are right on it!!! This is what I was thinking myself. Sad ending to what I see as a very sensitve intellegent man. To me, his writtings express his inner soul. Read them. I find them touching.

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