January 18, 2021

Andrea Ownbey- Miss Howard Stern

We all know who Andrea Ownbey is, right? the sexy blonde vixen who is also known as Miss Howard Stern, does that ring any bells? No worries check the rest of this story and we will tell you Andrea Ownbey’s biography, photos, video and updates including her DUI arrest!

Andrea Ownbey Miss Howard Stern_photo

Before we get started on Ms. Ownbey’s bio allow me to tell you about her infamous mugshot, Andrea was not arrested because she was having a bad hair day whatsoever but because she was drunk driving and smashed another car, this happened in October 9th during the late hours of the night when she was busted by the Chattanooga County police and heavily charged, her charges included DUI, driving while the possession of drugs, controlled substance and paraphernalia, and the mugshot is here. Yes that hair is killing me too,

Andrea Ownbey dui arrest mugshot

Her biography here:

29-year-old Andrea Brooke Ownbey was born February 28, 1983 in Dalton, Georgia. She studied at Lighthouse Christian Academy  and then attended the Tennessee Real State Educational Systems, Inc. and at the ABC Bartending School. She joined Sirius Satellite radio in 2002

She has one sister Brandi  who like Andrea is H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandi Ownbey Andrea Ownbey sister picBrandi Ownbey Andrea Ownbey sister picsBrandi Ownbey Andrea Ownbey sister pictureBrandi Ownbey Andrea Ownbey sister pictures

Ownbe was just 18 when she first showed  up at the Howard Stern show at that time she was known as the World’s Dumbest Stripper, became Miss Howard Stern in 2002 when she won the 2002 beauty pageant and Andrea has regained her title ever since. In 2005 she appeared in Bitchin’ Blonde Video, starred as Julie in the 2006 video Dorm Of the Dead and was a sexy zombie in last year’s film Horrorween.

Personal life? Who has Andrea Ownbey been dating or dated?

It was rumored that in 1998 she dated Matthew Knowles, in 2003 she dated Zolar and hooked up with her Howard Stern crush K.C Armstrong. Dated Trent Tomlinson in 2006, Zack the following year and her most recent ex-boyfriend is some Jason.

You can see Andrea Owmley on Facebook here and MySpace here.

What to see some of Andrea Ownbey’s sexiest photos? you got it!

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