October 24, 2020

Angelina Jolie Calls Pitt Marriage Very Hard Work!

Mega Star Angelina Jolie,39, famous around the world, admits that her recent marriage to movie star Brad Pitt,51, takes a lot of work. The couple have been together for ten years, but just made it official at their home in France in August. They married primarily for their children. Jolie said it was very important to their kids, they would constantly ask their parents when they were getting married, so they tied the knot in a small private ceremony. Jolie recently gave an interview to Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. The star said she and Pitt work very hard, to make sure all their children feel loved and feel connected to the family. The pair have three biological children together, and three adopted children.Angelina_Jolie_2_June_2014_(cropped)

This is the third marriage for Jolie, she was first married to actor Johnny Lee Miller in the 90’s That union lasted on three years. She was next married to actor Billy Bob Thornton for three years from 2000 to 2003. The pair famously wore each other’s blood in vials that hung around their necks. Jolie met Pitt in 2004, on the set of their film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. In the film they play a married couple, that are not aware of the fact that each are CIA agents that have been hired to kill the other.

Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston when he met Jolie on the set. There has been wild speculation about whether Pitt and Jolie consummated their relationship while Pitt was still married and together with Aniston. He says no, that they did not become involved until Aniston filed for divorce. Although the actor admits that he fell in love with Jolie instantly when he met her. Jolie told the magazine that making sure you spend enough time with your spouce is very important. She also said work can’t be the central focus of any relationship, it has to be second. She admitted that high profile career sometimes eclipse relationships, but she and Pitt are really making sure that is not the case.

When Jolie met Pitt in 2004 she was already a mother to Maddox now 13, a boy she adopted in Cambodia. After she and Pitt got together they had a child together a girl Shiloh now 9. The adopted another child together shortly after Shiloh’s birth, Zahara also 9. They also adopted Pax 11, and had twins Knox and Vivienne now 6. She and Pitt find their 6 children the most entertaining people in the world, and they love being home with them whenever they can. She also said aside from not letting work get in the of family time, you also need time for just you and your spouse. She said “alone time for the two of you is so important”. She said a lot of people don’t realize how important that alone time is, until it’s too late. Jolie says their partnership is much more now than just the two of them, they do whatever they have to do, to keep their family of 8 solid and together.

Donna Thomas

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