March 6, 2021

Are Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney’s Adopted Son Nick Gordon Dating? (PHOTOS)

After Whitney Houston’s tragic death last month we met many important people in her life, the most important is her beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina who  soon will change her name to Kristina Houston, but we also met a handsome young man in Bobbi and her mom’s life Nick Gordon, who was seen kissing Bobbie Kristina on the lips last week, can we see that picture?

Nick-Gordon-bobbi Kristina kissing image

Some refer to Nick Gordon as Whitney’s adopted son, but is just them [Nick, Bobbi and Whitney] who know if he was really adopted  or if she just took her into her family and raised, love and cared for him as her own son, whatever the case was the important thing is that Nick has been and continues to be very close to Bobbi Kristina, who  simply adores him.

If media were right, a person who doesn’t think Nick is not a good influence for BK is her grandmother Cissy who allegedly wanted Nick out of the house and away from BK, when asked Nick said that was the first time he  heard such thing..

“Media needs to get their facts right b4 they accuse. I don’t know why ppl listen to certain media when most of the stuff they put out is BS. Wow you can’t believe anything the media says. First time I heard any of this, God always prevails.”

Today a new story about Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina hit the web, some might find it shocking other are not the least surprise, while others [who Nick  might call “haters”] will go as far as saying he is doing it for the money.

So the news is that Nick and Bobbi were spotted kissing on the lips outside Target in Atlanta, tweeters reach to Nick as soon as they heard and this was what he tweeted back..

Nick GordonNick Gordon ? @ndgordon

Yea we got a little closer and what!!!

10:04 AM – 12 Mar 12 via Tweetbot for iOS · Details

Chloe MelasChloe Melas ? @CMHollywoodLife

@ndgordon Are you and Bobbi dating?!

Chimier Chimier Chimier Chimier ? @Chimier

Oh…. @ndgordon Yea we got a little closer and what!!!

Courtney MillsCourtney Mills ? @sexyclassykool

@ndgordon they shouldn’t care about that anyways. If they are really concerned the only thing that should matter is that she is HAPPY!

For all that Nick care he doesn’t give a damn what people think or what media published, Bobbi Kristina is better, so is Nick, that’s all that we care!!

I’ve proved my loyalty to her and the Houston family. I don’t owe any of you anything. Ha I don’t even know y’all haters.

And Kriss is doing really well, I’ve been so happy with her strength.

Of it was about money…. Do you know how many interviews I was asked to give. I will remain loyal. And keep our memories to myself

Nick-Gordon-bobbi Kristina kissing photoNick-Gordon-bobbi Kristina kissing picNick-Gordon-bobbi Kristina kissing picsNick-Gordon-bobbi Kristina kissing pictures

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