February 27, 2021

Artis Mills is Etta James Husband

Singer Etta James is reportedly terminally ill, her son is  fighting with his mother’s husband Artis Mills over her fortune but who really is this Artis Mills? Want to know? we can tell you!

73 year-old singer Etta James the famous singer that has become a legend in almost all music genres, sic-time Grammy Winner. In 1993 she was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in 1999 in the Grammy Hall Of Fame, 2001 Blues Hall Of Fame, but sadly Etta James has been battling with addiction for years. Since the 1970’s the singer has been having legal issues concerning her heroin addiction, pain killers and interventions in rehab centers were very commented.

She was once arrested in 1972 for possession of heroin, she skip jail when Artis Mills took responsibility for both and was sent to jail for 10 years, she was busted once more for the same charges plus for cashing bad checks and forgery, she didn’t go to the jail that time either instead she was sent to rehab.

Her health has also been comprising thru the years, in 2009 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer, Leukemia during the first months of 2011, Hepatitis C, and dementia, thru all her sons Sametto and Donto have been there for her, but the person who has been reportedly 24 hours by her side is her husband Artis Mills, so shall we once and for all find out more about Mr.Mills?

Artis Mills and Etta met in 1969 they got married in 1970, he took a 10-year fall for her, when in 1972 both were arrested for possession of heroin, he was released in 1982. For some time we didn’t hear “nada” from  Artis but his name made headlines in January when he asked the judge to grant him access to his wife bank account to cover her medical expenses, the control of James’ state has been given to her sons and daughter in-law.

Donto was against it, and even thought the judge granted Mills with $60.000 a month for medical fees, he urged the court to have a third person look over his mother finances and proper medical care.

Today it was revealed Mrs. James was terminally ill, we send our prayers to her and her family.

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  1. You would think that if artis took the fall that the kid’s would do what ever it took to see their mothers husband of forty years not to do without. How can she rest in peace

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