October 29, 2020

Ashley Cusato is Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend

Meet Ashley Cusato she is the young, stunning girl seen with Mel Gibson on a date where he was showing his affectionate side, but the question is if Cusato is Mel Gibson’’s girlfriend or are they just good friends? Read about Ashley Cusato from her biography below, don’t miss her pics and video after the jump.

The dirt about Ashley Cusato and Mel Gibson came to our ears this week when he was spotted very affectionate with a mysterious brunette who turned out to be Ms. Cusato.

Ashley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend photoAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend picAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend picsAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend photos

Sources said that they have been dating for over a month and that things are going so smooth between them that he is even introducing her to some of relatives.

So what about a biography on Ashley Cusato?

38-year-old Ashley Love Cusato was born on July 5, 1974 in California to 68-year-old Carl Cusato and Judith Love- Cusato, she has an older brother 40-year-old Damon Cusato. Ashley studied at Santa Monica High School, while she was there she was a top Varsity Cross Country runner, and was selected Voted “best body” by her classmates, after she graduated in 1992 she enrolled at the University of California in Santa Barbara

At UC Cusato graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Business Economics and Accounting, sports continued to be an important part of her life at college too, reason for that is that she joined the Varsity Swim Team and became a top NCAA Division 1 Swimmer.

Swimming must had impacted Ashley’s life because she then became a lifeguard, not a pool lifeguard but a California State Beach Lifeguard in Santa Barbara and Malibu, after all in 1993  she became the only woman until this day to have won the California State Beach Lifeguard “Rookie School” .

Ashley Cusato BaywatchAshley Cusato lifeguard

Before becoming a full time actress Cusato worked at Arther Anderson, LLP most of her senior year in college, she was one of their best members so it must have quite a shock when she turned down their offer to joined them  full time to pursue a career in acting.

ashley Cusato biographyAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend bio

This busy tuff-lady funded her own company called eDamon Entertainment where she severs as Chief Executive Officer.

as for her filmography, let me tell you that as a stung actress she has been a double for Yasmine Bleeth (Baywatch), Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries), Denise Richards (Sex, Love & Secrets), Lori Loughting (Summerland), Gena Lee Nolin (Baywatch), Scout Taylor Compton (Halloween, Halloween II), Penelope Cruz (Woman on Top), Annabella Sciorra (Cop Land) Bitty Schram (Monk), Faith Ford (Norm), Emily Deschanel (Bones)and Jennifer Aniston (Rumor Has it), plus other  stunt roles in movies like Piranha.

Ashley Cusato piranha 3DpicAshley Cusato piranhaAshley Cusato piranha pic

As an actress  Ashley Cusato starred as a bride  at a 1997 episode of Cybil entitle The Wedding, portrayed a swimmer called Ali in Baywatch since 1997-98, made a cameo in 2000 at Beverly Hills 90210 as Judy and in Norm that same year.

As Louis in 2002 at Bulldog and Susan with Jennifer Garner in Alias in 2003, two years later she appeared as  Sonny in One More Round and as Cassie in the 2005 short film Something True; in the video The Big Announcement as Laura in 2006, and as Beth in the t.v series Justice.


In Las Vegas’s episode entitle History of Violins she gave life to her character called Charlie Cagerman and to Angela in Plot 7. In 2009 Cusato was acting in CSI: NY and last year we saw her in Eagleheart.

Ashley Cusato CSI New YorkAshley Cusato CSI

This year she portrayed a backup dancer in the t,v series Supah Ninjas as starred as Jane in the television movie A Taste Of Romance, you saw her bad-ass moves in Brandon Nutt’s Hijacked as Liesel along Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture and soon you will be seeing her in Chris Carter’s new film Fencewalker with Katie C Cassidy and D,B Sweeney.

Ashley Cusato hijackedAshley_Cusato_hijacked

We expect to see and hear more from Ashley Cusato (who is training to be a belt belt in Karate) from now on, right after all  when you are Mel Gibson’ girlfriend, you can’t hide from the lenses of the hungry paparazzi!! in the meantime  I invite you to check her pretty face and sexy body in the photos below and show her acting skills in the video provided below.

Ashley Cusato KarateAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend wikiAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend picturesAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend pictureAshley Cusato Mel Gibson girlfriend-picAshley Cusato remember meAshley Cusato wikiashley Cusato wikipediaAshley_Cusato_bioAshley_Cusato_picAshley_Cusato_photoAshley_Cusato_filmsAshley_Cusato-photosAshley_Cusato-picsAshley_Cusato-pictureAshley_Cusato-picAshley_Cusato-photo

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