January 22, 2021

Austin Swift, Taylor Swift’s Younger Brother, 12 Shocking Things of Him! (wiki, bio)

Austin Swift is Taylor Swift’s  brother. 2 Years younger than Swift. Here are 12 shocking things about him!

austin swift wiki bio 2

  1. He is a major womanizer and abused his connections. He nearly used all the girls at Notre Dame past the limit.
    That’s why he transferred from Notre Dame to Vanderbilt University.

austin swift wiki bio
2. He joined in a few plays in the University
3. He is a professional photographer and he freelances for Getty images. He shot for Taylor swift for 2009 people magazine.
4. He is an actor and just wrapped his first movie role into Hollywood. The new movie is called “I.T.” which is
produced by the director of the movie “Diet Hard”.

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5. He was a fat boy.

austin swift wiki bio wwr
6. He loves cats.

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7. Taylor supports him a lot.

austin swift bio wiki photos
8. He listens to Kelly Clarkson.
9. He is a funny guy.

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10. He is 90% single. maybe he is preparing for life after graduating from college. Who knows. With the support from
his sister, his life is about to be even better for him.
11. Taylor sings about him in her song “The Best Day” and he’s reportedly in her music videos too.
12. His sister took him to Golden Globes, CMT Awards and the People’s Choice Awards and more.

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