March 5, 2021

B.B. King, The King of Blues Dead At 89, Leaves Behind Huge Family Huge Legacy!

B.B. King,89, the legendary blues singer has died of complications of diabetes. He was married twice and had 15 children and over 50 grandchildren. He had been in the spotlight  since 1948 and remained an active vibrant performer until last year at the age of 88. It was only in the last year of his life that he slowed down, cancelling several planned performances because of his failing health. He had been married two times, his first to Martha Denton for 6 years starting in 1946. He was also married to Sue Hall from 1958 to 1966. He had not been married for almost 50 years at the time of his death.

After the Blues giant’s death last week, some family drama is playing out in Las Vegas. There supposedly is a woman that has power of attorney over King. She and King’s family are each staking claims to his fortune. Patty King, is one of several children of the late blues singing giant. The battle started before King died in a Las Vegas hospital. His family cut off all visits to non family members, siting possible abuse issues. His family appeared in a Las Vegas court in late April trying to gain legal guardianship over King’s medical care and all of his business endeavors. The hearing was very brief and was held in the courtroom of Judge John Norheim. The judge stated that two prior investigations into concerns of King’s condition turned up unsubstantiated. The Judge said, “I don’t have anything in here that says he lacks capacity.”  The case was dismissed by the judge, and King’s family was extremely disappointed.

Although the judge did say that King at the time had some serious health issues. Lavern Tony is a long time associate of King, she had taken care of King, and handled many of his business affairs. The family claims Tony is not making good decisions. A long time family friend Marqueta Aiken said that Tony needed to be fired. However King’s daughter Patty King said that Tony cut off his family from visiting him, and denied all requests of many others that wanted to see him in the last days of his life.  Tony’s Las Vegas attorney Brent Bryson said that Tony was just carrying out King’s last wishes. Bryson said at the time, “No one is starving him, no one is isolating Mr. King. Mr. King is at home and he is directing his activities as are his personal representative Tony.” However King family vowed at the time to continue the fight with possible court hearings. In an earlier incident King’s daughter called the police saying that her father was the victim of elder abuse; saying he need to go to the hospital. Patty King lived with her father. When police arrived and looked King over they agreed with Patty and called in paramedics to transport King to a Vegas hospital. King’s daughter and her boyfriend also said that many of his personal jewelry pieces were stolen, and his medications were being withheld. King would never leave the hospital and succumbed to his illnesses on May 14th, 2015.

Donna Thomas

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