March 1, 2021

Barbara Katie Chapman is Dog The Bounty Hunter Daughter

Duane Chapman also known as the Dog the Bounty Hunter was blessed with many children one of them was his daughter Barbara Katie Chapman, who passed away in a  tragic accident 5 years ago, she is survived by her husband Travis Mimms and their son Travis Jr. who allegedly has been victim of abuse by the hand of his own father and now grandpa Chapman  is getting him back.


Barbara Katie Chapman  is one of the  12 children he had with his wives,  Barbara Katie is  his sixth child from his marriage with his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain with whom he married on  June 22nd. 1982  they got divorced on November 20, 1991. Barbara Katie  was born on June 8th, 1982 in Denver, Colorado. She had four older brothers , Duane Lee, Leland, Wesley and J. R Chapman Chapman and 4 younger siblings  Tucker, Lyssa, Nicolas, Bonnie and Gary Chapman.

Barbara Katie Chapman aka BK and her boyfriend Travis Mims had one son together Travis Drake-Lee Mimms , Barbara had a long battle with drugs until the day she died, due to that on  she gave full custody of her son Travis one year-old at that time to her father and his  longtime girlfriend Beth Smith.

Barbara separated from Travis and her life got from bad to worst she and her friend Scott Standefer II stole a credit car and used it to rent  room about 50 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. On May 19, 2006 they got into a stolen car and drove down away all of the sudden the car went off the road, hit an embankment and launched, killing Scott and Barbara Katie both were 23 years-old.

Travis Mimms got in touch with her ex father in-law and asked him to let him be a part of BK’s son Travis Jr. he allowed him to do so and even help him financially eventually Travis worked with Duanne and obtained  custody of Travis Jr. who was four years-old when his mommy died.

For some time we didn’t hear anything about them, but that change when an audio tape of Travis Sr. abusing  his son was released, Duane was outraged with the discovery and wanted to get his grandson out of the house, Travis instead got a temporary restraining order against Chapman, wife Beth and daughter Lyssa he said they had been harassing him, Duane  fired back and got himself a restraining order against Travis Mimms the judge also granted him a temporary  custody of Travis Jr. and on October 25th, Travis Jr was taken out of his father’s house and given to his grandfather Duane Chapman, in a interview  Chapman recalled the last phone call he ha with  his daughter Barbara Katie Chapman..

“During the last phone call I had with my daughter, Barbara Katie, she said to me, ‘Please, daddy, take care of Travis Jr.  Don’t ever let anything happen to him.’

 Check the moment 9 year-old Travis Jr. was given by cops to his grandfather here

Barbara Katie Chapman

3 thoughts on “Barbara Katie Chapman is Dog The Bounty Hunter Daughter

  1. Dear dog bounty hunter
    I am really sorry about Barbara Katie Chapman (BK) I know that you lost the wonderful person in your life I will keep in my prayers
    Love Your number one all time fan
    Blaine Hardin

  2. I cry every time I read about your daughter passing away, as I have a 26 year old daughter who was using a pound of meth every 3 days until she was arrested 3 months ago. We feared she would of died had she not been arrested. Now we pray for her sanity and strength as she awaits her trial date. We are hoping she will be approved for inpatient treatment as she is still in jail. My prayers go out to your family as we have guardianship of her 5 year old son, my grandson.

  3. I love your show. I hate that you lost your precious Barbara. I’ve seen your program for years. I have a question. What happened with Tim Chapman’s wife or girlfriend? I’ve seen some shows showing Tim taking care of 4 children and he is listed as a single father. What happened??

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