October 19, 2020

Barbara McQueary is Penn State Mike McQueary Wife

Barbara McQueary is going thru difficult times with her husband former Penn State College’s assistant coach Mike McQueary, who happens to be  the  only eye witness at Jerry Sandusky’s trial where he is been accused of sexually abusing 9 children in a 15-year period.

Mike McQueary wife Barbara McQueary

Recently Penn State has been surrounded by the worst scandal in history, one of their former students turned coach was accused of sexual abuse not one but 9 children in a 15 year period,  these children now men are willing to  testify against Sandusky, but without any fundamental proof these horrible things happened he could be a free men, except for the case of a key witness who saw him raping any of these children, this key witness is Barbara’s husband Mike McQueary who in 2002 when he walked on Sandusky in the university’s lockers where he saw him raping a 10 year-old boy.

He said he made sure the abused stopped before leaving, he told his father that night and the next day he informed head coach Joe Patermo and the University officials, but nothing against Sandusky was done, today people questioned McQueary actions was he just looking for Penn State reputation or the safety of these children?

As you can imagine, he might be going thru hell, he was called to testify on Friday, in there he said he believed he saw Sandusky was attacking the child with his hands around the boy’s waist but said he wasn’t 100 percent sure it was intercourse, he said he informed Patermo and Penn Officials Curley and Schultz who testified that McQueary never relayed the seriousness of what he saw to the grand jury.

McQueary confession is crucial to this case, this is what he said during the trial on Friday..

I told them that I saw Jerry in the showers with a young boy and that what I had seen was extremely sexual and over the lines and it was wrong,” McQueary said. “I would have described that it was extremely sexual and I thought that some kind of intercourse was going on.”

“I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you,” he said. “In my mind it was like speaking to a (district attorney). It was someone who police reported to and would know what to do with it.”

Under cross-examination, McQueary said he considered what he saw a crime but didn’t call police because “it was delicate in nature. I tried to use my best judgment,” he said. “I was sure the act was over.”

For Mike McQueary’s wife Barbara McQueary things surrounding her family are very stressful, and difficult.

Media dropped by her house in State College, Pennsylvania where although Mike wasn’t able to talk to Bruce Gordon for Fox News but Barbara did exchanged some words about what her husband and  she are going thru..

“We aren’t able to comment yet,” she said. “As a lot of people would image it’s tough, but unfortunately we can’t comment,” she said. ‘It’s tough for both of us, hopefully, one day we’ll be able to.”

Mike McQueary’s Wife Barbara McQueary: ‘It’s Tough’: MyFoxPHILLY.com


What  can we tell you about Mrs. McQueary? Not much, she and her hubby are the proud parents of a gorgeous little girl, who is in the picture below, but because she is a minor we can’t show you her face.

Barbara L. McQueary is a Surgery – Orthopedic, Physician Assistant at at State College in Pennsylvania.

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