January 18, 2021

Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly (Ashley Parks Kelly) Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly!

For Ashley Kelly (Ashley Parks Kelly), wife of Boston Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly, being around professional baseball is nothing new. You see Ashley is the daughter of Derek Parks, who was a catcher for the Minnesota Twins in the 90’s. The former Ashley Parks knows her a way around the diamond. She spent considerable time with her mom Danielle and sisters, Chelsea and Delaney watching her father play professional baseball. When Derek Parks retired from playing baseball, the family moved back to their roots in Southern California. They settled in Rancho Cucamonga.Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly wiki bio photos 2

Ashley was raised with a very healthy love of sports, having found her niche in soccer. She started to excell at soccer so much so that she played varsity soccer at Los Osos High School. She was also the captain of her high school cheer leading squad. Ashely recounts several hours and long days of soccer practice, so much so that she says her social life suffered as a result of all the practices. However her hard work and long hours did not go unnoticed. She was awarded an athletic scholarship for her soccer abilities, to the University of California, Riverside. She played all for years on the soccer team at UCR. She earned her Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary studies. It was while she was a student at UCR she would meet her future husband Joe Kelly. After college Ashley started her professional career in 2011 working in the sales department for the Los Angeles Clippers.Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly wiki bio photos

She was hired on at Chivas USA which facilitates youth soccer programs. Ashley counts soccer legend David Beckham as a close friend, she says she had an amazing time working for the sports organizations she did.

Ashley’s husband is also from Southern California. He grew up in Anaheim not far from Disneyland. The family moved to Corona CA when he was 11. He started to seriously play baseball as a young boy, and quickly excelled it, drawing notices from many coaches and managers in the area. He was a high school stand out baseball player at Corona High School, where played varsity baseball. He received a scholarship to play division one baseball at the University California, Riverside. ¬†Ashley and Joe both used the various gyms at UCR. They also found themselves in many of the same classes as scholarship athletes at the University. The started to date in their sophomore year at the University and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. The two started living together in their junior year of college. The became engaged on December 31, 2012 the Huntington Beach Dog Park, with their two beloved dogs in two. The two were married in front of friends and family in a semi lavish wedding at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont, CA. They were wed on November 23rd, 2013. So they are not yet married a year, and say they are newlyweds now, but expect to be on “their honeymoon forever”. They credit college with the start of everything wonderful in their lives, an education, playing the sports they love and finding their soul-mates.

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