September 18, 2020

Ben Hollingsworth is Demi Moore revenge Affair

Is revenge time,  for Demi Moore as new reports have surfaced today and it said she and Ashton Kutcher’s actor friend Ben Hollingsworth had some wild sex inside her car, and she is wasting no time rubbing that in her cheating husband face, remember he was the actor who acted like her son in the Joneses.


According to In Touch Magazine said that Ben Hollingsworth who I should mention is  27 year-old found some helpful arms in Demi Moore, to some it seemed sort of maternal maybe she saw in him the son she never had, she help him finding a place to live, introduced him to Ashton Kutcher who was executive producer at the CW’s series A Beautiful Life where Ben got a part maybe thanks to them, but soon it was clear Demi’s interest for Ben was nothing maternal.

Ben Hollingsworth found out his godmother didn’t saw him as her protégé but as a hot guy with whom she would end up having sex in the back of her car, it all happened when Demi picked Ben up at a party and Demi allegedly seduced him. Demi and Ben’s affair continue so did her help in finding him  important roles in movies and getting him into the hot Hollywood spots, until his friendship with Ashton developed he began to feel guilty and  got out of the affair with Moore, they reps are denying they ever had something besides work and a good friendship, but let’s read what an insider said..

“They wound up having sex in the back of the car. It just kept going from there., and insider said, but Ben pulled out of his affair with Demi when…He was getting to be better friends with Ashton and he felt bad about it, Though Demi insisted to Ben that she and Ashton had an open marriage, he still didn’t feel right about it.

48 year-old Demi met 27 year-old Ben Hollingsworth when he moved to Los Angeles from his hometown in Canada,  the insider described Ben as star struck, so Moore took her under her wing, help him on his career and when she introduced him to her hubby 33 year-old Ashton he got a job in Kutcher’s series, but that is not all, Ben and his friends would be guests at Demi and Ashton’s house in there He (Ben) smoke weed with his friends no demi or Ashton who didn’t mind the least about them getting high at their home..

“They smoked a lot of weed, Demi [who didn’t smoke] was cool about it all. She and Ashton acted like teenagers.”

Want to know more about Ben? here is a little bio about him.

Born Benjamin Allen Nicolas Hollingsworth on September 7th, 1984 in Brockville Ontario in Canada, he and his family later relocated to Peterborough where he attended at St.Peter’s Secondary School. His passion for acting stated at a very young age but it was his role in Frozen Dreams when at age 17 he portrayed a mentally challenge character that put him under everyone’s eyes. He also appeared in Music Man.

But Hollingsworth didn’t just get recognition but offers to get  into National Theatre School of Canada, Ryerson, Windsor, York and AMDA in New York but at the end he decided to take a shot at the prestigious National Theatre School of Canada where he graduated on 2006.

During his senior year Ben appeared in the Hour, A few Good Men (theatre), on 2007 he made his move to television appearing in Degrassi: the Next Generation, Lovebites and Heartland, that same year he was nominated at the Robert Merritt Awards.  On 2008 he went back to theatre where he appeared in Last Days of Graceland and A Flesh Offering also on 2008 he appeared in the Canadian television series The List.

On 2009 he was seen next to Sarah Paxton, Corbin Bleu, Elle Macpherson and Mischa Barton in a Beautiful Life as Chris Andrews, last year we saw Hollingsworth as Ben Ratner in A Flesh Offering, this year we saw him as Claudia in the  book adaptation of Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Divine and as Kyle Durant in Aaron Korsh’s  television comedy Drama series Suits,

Interesting facts about Ben Hollingsworth

*He once  was a hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

*When he was in high school he was awarded  as a recognition  for raising money for  the homeless and the Terry Fox Cancer Research.

* He portrayed Mick Jones Demi Moore faked  son in the Joneses.

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Demi Moore Ben Hollingsworth Video

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