November 29, 2020

Bianca Roberts Bodolai is Joe Bodolai wife

A terrible tragedy has shaken the world of entertainment as  Saturday Night Live writer Joe Bodolai was found dead, an apparent suicide. He is survived by his ex-wife Bianca Roberts Bodolai and their sons.

Joe Bodolai wife Bianca Roberts Bodolai

63 year-old Joe Bodolai was the veteran comedy writer from Toronto, he  went to Allegheny College.  He became famous  for Kids In The Hall, where he served as Supervising Producer, he also  was a writer at Saturday Night Live and co-wrote the first draft of Wayne’s World and was a  producer and writer at the 2001 television series After Hours.

He was found dead at a Los Angeles hotel on Monday by the cleaning crew, an apparent suicide police said that although the autopsy is still pending a possible chemical intoxication could have been, since a bottle of antifreeze and Gatorade was retrieved from the hotel room. On his blog he let sort of a suicide note, where he wrote..

Things I Regret

  • My inability to conquer my alcoholism
  • The things I did because of it
  • Leaving Canada
  • Moving to Los Angeles
  • Not fighting harder or making a better deal to stay with The Comedy Network I helped create
  • Not being able to live up to the helping hand so many wonderful people offered me
  • The hurt I caused in my family, friends, and maybe even strangers.
  • That I am no longer able to withstand any more of life’s pain
  • Most of all, the pain I have caused and am now causing my sons and the love of my life, my ex-wife Bianca, my love and connection with her is infinite
  • The fact I will never get to repay the love and generosity you all deserve
    • Lisa.

Things I am Proud Of.

Or Just My Life When I was Really Alive, or just a point form autobiography

(In chronological order, not in order of priority. You decide that.)

  • My two sons, who have grown into graceful, intelligent, strong, handsome, creative and loving young men.
  • My twenty some years with the greatest love of my life, Bianca. I caused her pain, exasperation, but we also shared love, joy, and an indescribable special unique language of the heart that only we spoke. The greatest gift anyone could ever have. I love her in the words that really trivialize the words “I love you.” She defined that emotion for me and made my life worth living. If there is a loving god, she was my blessing.
  • Never being unfaithful to any woman I was with. Although close. Very close. You know who you are ladies. Except you alluring strangers. Sorry. Phew.

Also on his Facebook page he quoted..

I’m alone this year and am volunteering serving Christmas dinner to the homeless. Perhaps I will be one, but I love all of you and if I make it to next year let’s make it a morally, spiritually, better and funnier year.

What do we know about Bianca Roberts Bodolai?

Years before getting married to Joe, she was studying high school at Michael Hall School, she then went  to the Universite de Lausanne studied French Literature graduating in 1969, Bianca’s next step was at York University where in 1973 got her BA  honors History, for her grad studies she went to the University of Toronto getting her MA In History in 1975.

Bianca Roberts became Bianca Bodolai on February 15th, 1985, their marriage lasted 20 years and ha two sons. In 1993 she was a Senior Executive Account Executive at Hennessy and Associates, in 2002 she was Director of Development at RAND Corporation, in 2006 She became an Executive Director development at UCLA after her departure in 2008 she was Senior Vice President at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. After their divorce we lost track of her,  but we just found out that she works at the California Institute of Arts where she serves as Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her, her sons other family members during this difficult time.

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