September 30, 2020

Blair Croce Is Nick Jonas at Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Beautiful Blair Croce celebrated her Sweet Sixteen Birthday party with some famous celebrity guest Joe and Nick Jonas. also at her part was a certain young girl who desperately tried to get Nick’s attention.

Nick Jonas Blair Croce

Recently turned 16 Blair Croce is the beautiful daughter of Joe Croce the founder of CiCi’s Pizza, she is currently a student at Suffern Senior High School. she will be graduating next year. Blair is part of Suffern’s track and field team as well as the soccer team.

According to an article published by the New York Post, Ms. Croce celebrated her 16th birthday Buddakan in Chelsea on Thursday night with her family and friends that included the two single Jonas brother Joe and Nick, Joe went with an unidentified  date while Nick went alone, so a girl at the birthday dinner tried at all costs to get his attention. I don’t think she got her goal, but she certainly got media’s attention.

“She was lingering around his general area, trying to get a good look at him and Joe,” a witness said.

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