January 24, 2021

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds To Wait On Finding Out Gender!

Superstar Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child together, after two years of marriage. US Magazine is reporting that Lively and Reynolds have elected to find out the gender of their baby after it’s born. That goes against the popular trend of finding out a head of time, to make sure you get the proper color schemes going. However maybe Lively and Reynolds will bring back an older trend of not knowing the gender ahead of time.blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-467Lively,27, a former Gossip Girl, surprised her fans last month when she announced via her lifestyle website that she was in fact pregnant. She put the words “the creation of family” with her picture, showing her to be only slightly pregnant last month. Some have been speculating that she is perhaps further along then originally intended, but nevertheless, she appears to be glowing, and happy, as she makes appearances around Los Angeles and other cities. Lively married actor Ryan Reynolds,38, in 2012.

The two actors met on the set of the 2011 Green Lantern film. Reynolds who was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He came from very humble beginnings. His father is a grocery salesperson, and his mother was a retail clerk. He has two brothers that are both police officers. One of them with the very elite Canadian Royal Mounted Police. Reynolds had many roles in various comedy movies and action thrillers. He had roles in The X Men and The Flash and several other films. His role as the husband of Blake Lively didn’t come come without some very high profile other romances. In 2002 he started dating pop singer and fellow Canadian Alanis Morissete in 2002. They became engaged in 2004, and called off their engagement in 2007. Morissete was said to be very heart broken at her failed romance with Reynolds penned some songs about him. He started dating actress Scarlett Johansson shortly after he broke up with Morissete. He would go on to marry Johansson in 2008 only to break up and ┬ádivorce the actress two years later in 2010.

There have been rumblings about Reynolds’ sexuality for years, however he has never come forward and addressed the many rumors. He started dating Lively in 2011 and married her a year later in 2012, and now they are pregnant. He is eleven years older then Lively, and she has said that he’s an excellent husband to have a child with, because she is certain he will be a great father. An insider says she is glowing and really feeling confident and is relaxed and in a really good place. The source went on to say, that the couple really wants to be surprised regarding the gender of their soon to be born baby. They like all other couples are just hoping for a healthy baby, and they will be absolutely thrilled with either a boy or a girl. Most people or fans of both of them whole hardheartedly agree that the baby will be very beautiful like it’s parents.

Donna Thomas

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