January 24, 2021

Breion Allen Supports Her Man First Round NFL Pick Jameis Winston!

Breion Allen, 21 supports her superstar football playing boyfriend Jameis Winston. The number one first round draft pick Winston has a full schedule ahead of him. Allen understands that and has been nothing but supportive. Allen is an athlete herself at Rice University in Texas.. She spends an impressive amount of time on the basketball court, being a basketball star at the University. The first book in the 2015 NFL draft went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the selected Winston. There was  a lot of excited fans in the audience as Wintson’s name was announced. Winston was surrounded by friends, family and well wishers, as well as Allen, which surprised no one.  When his name was called it was pure exhilaration.

Some football experts are wondering out loud if Winston,21, is really ready for the pressures of being on a high profile team, and having the number position. Experts weighed in that certain people embrace the challenge of playing in the NFL, and perhaps Winston is one of those that excels with the challenge. Many that know Winston well, are saying he will not shy away from the bright lights of Tampa. Winston was a former quarterback at Florida State University and won the 2013 Walter Camp Player of the Year. That same year he also won the much touted Heisman Trophy. He was the youngest player to ever win the award.

Winston grew up in Bessemer, Alabama, with a strong set of rules and ambition. Another football great also came from Bessemer,  Bo Jackson. Winston played baseball and football his whole life, and he said when he was growing up, people would tell him he was going to be the next Bo Jackson. On choosing Florida State for a college, he said “It was an easy decision. It was between Stanford, Florida State and LSU. So I was just very comfortable with Coach Fisher and what he did there.” He was asked what his role was on the side lines. He smiled and said ‘I wanted those guys to win so bad, anything I could do to help them, I stepped up. I was a vocal leader on the sidelines so I kept the guys motivated, I would do.” He also said he was the learning the offense at that time. He said “When I red shirted, I wasn’t upset that I wasn’t playing, I was always concentrating on what I could do. On how I could get better, I used that time to gain an edge. I had my eye on being the Quarterback next year.”

Winston went on to explain his theories on the game, “A lot of people that are red shirted , they have the I want to wait, you know I’ll wait for my chance, but I never thought that way, I knew that it was a time to be better player. I just love football, and I love my life, and feel very lucky.” There is no information yet on whether Winston and Allen with live together in Florida or elsewhere, story developing…..

Donna Thomas

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