October 26, 2020

Bria Epps is Mike Epps daughter

Stand-up comedy actor Mike Epps and is daughter Bria Epps are allegedly not having the best father/ daughter relation they could ask for, apparently things between them have escalate to the point that Bria had to filed a police report.


18 year-old Bria Epps is the daughter of Mike Epps, and his 47 year-old ex-girlfriend Yolanda Sharp.  year-old, Bria lives with Yolanda and her grandmother Karen in Naptown, Indiana the argument between father and daughter began when Epps was a guest at the Wendy Williams show and didn’t mentioned her when he was asked about his children he also referred to  is 2 daughter when he had 4, said Bria.

In the lawsuit Bria Epps said her father called her and threatened her, told her  he’d “f**k her up” and “cause her and her mom and grandmother problems.”

Check the audio of that threatening phone call in the video below, I must warn you the language is explicit.


Mike Epps for his part said that Bria has mad at her father because she asked him for a large amount of money for her college studies, he told her he would pay that personally so she got  upset, other sources reported Bria once tried to extort her father, check about that here

Mr. Epps  said sometimes father and their daughter have some disagreements, he still loves his daughter Bria very much.

bria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-imagebria-epps-mike-epps-daughter imagesbria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-photobria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-photosBria Epps mother Mike Epps ex girlfriend Yolanda sharpbria-epps-mike-epps-daughter imagebria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-imagebria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-picbria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-picturebria-epps-mike-epps-daughter-pictures

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