January 18, 2021

Britney Spears Wins Michael Jackson Vanguard Award (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga or should I say Jo Calderone was the person in charge of giving Britney Spears her Michael Jackson Vanguard Awards at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, plus did she or he got also a kiss from Britney?


Lady Gaga  didn’t have to worry about numerous, extravagant outfits for the MTV video Music Awards  this year because all she wore was her Jo Calderone costume it was  in that character that she gave ?Britney Spears her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the Nokia Theater, before Britney got on the stage a group of  children performed some of her greatest hits, by the time Britney got on stage looking sort of uncomfortable with Gaga’s Jo Calderone staring at her and looking like he was expecting a kiss, Britney looked doubtful about kissing her I mean him, but she passed after that. Together they also presented New mommy to be Beyonce. Check Britney Spears receiving her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award in the video below.


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