March 4, 2021

Brittany Kerr Cheating Scandal: The Reason of Jason Aldean Jessica Ussery Split? (PHOTOS, Brittany Kerr audition, video)

Who is Brittany Kerr? Brittany Kerr was involved into “Brittany Kerr Cheating Scandal” just a few months ago and Brittany Kerr is now on spot again after Jason Aldean, this 36 year old Country superstar filed for divorce with his wife, this put an end to a 11 year relationship as Jessica Ussery, his wife was Jason Aldean’s high school sweetheart.
Aldean explained the reason for the divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” Aldean’s rep said the reason was the couple “having problems,” didn’t mention details.
Aldean was spotted kissing Brittany Kerr on the Sunset Strip in September, 2012. when Jason Aldean was in L.A. for her concert.  
brittany kerr cheating scandal
Brittany Kerr  Jason Aldean scandle (tmz)
brittany kerr cheating scandal 2
Brittany Kerr is the Season 11 American Idol contestant in 2012. Though she didn’t win it, her involving into the Jason Aldean scandal made her famous, much easiler than the American Idol contest!
Brittany Kerr with the other contestants

Brittany Kerr pic

Jessica Ussery tried to forgive her husband’s behavior and supported her husband in public, even walking a red carpet holding hands with each other. But seems not work after “Brittany Kerr Cheating Scandal”!

If Brittany Kerr the major reason Jason Aldean’s divorce is not yet known, but anyhow, check “Brittany Kerr in biniki”, she is so hot!
Brittany Kerr photos
Brittany Kerr with her motherBrittany Kerr photo1
Brittany Kerr with her friend
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(Brittany Kerr audition)