February 26, 2021

Brittany Sackett is Taylor Kinney’s Ex-Girlfriend

So Vampire Diary’s actor Taylor  Kinney might be dating Lady Gaga after all but before that he was dating a girl we known by Brittany Sackett who said he just could be more thankful to Gaga for taking Taylor away from her, Ouch!!

Taylor Kinney ex  girlfriend Brittany Sackett

When we heard about Lady Gaga hooking up with her co-star in her music video  “You And I”  his a the time girlfriend Brittany Sackett said Gaga was a home wrecker, for stealing Taylor from her. According to reports by Star, a friend of Brittany told them that Sackett found out Taylor was cheating on her with Gaga when he accidentally dialed her phone while he was allegedly making  out with the singer.

“She was with my boyfriend, and I found out he was cheating on me.

“Brittany told me, ‘I got a pocket dial from him and recognized Lady Gaga’s voice,’” the pal told Star. “Brittany went on saying, ‘I heard them making out.’ She was saying to him, ‘You’re so sexy. I think what you do is so creative.’

“It was 3 o’clock in the morning!” the pal told Star, adding Kinney’s excuse to Brittany was “they were at the Chateau Marmont with a group of people.”

For some time we didn’t hear anything about Kinney’s ex Brittany Sackett, but  probably because of the pictures of Taylor and Gage that we recently saw and Brittany must have seen, she must have remember about her relationship with Kinney and the way things ended between them.

‘He apologised by text and on the phone, but I wasn’t giving him the time of day. He’s disloyal, he’s weak-willed, he’s got no backbone and he’s dishonest,’ Sackett concluded.

‘They looked like they’d been partying for a while. Gaga had full make-up, her hair was a total mess and she was smoking a cigarette. I talked briefly with Taylor, but Gaga didn’t talk to me at all – it was super-awkward and uncomfortable.

‘I can definitely do better,’ Sackett said. ”Lady Gaga has done me a favor.’

Do you think Gaga should listen to her friend who warned her about Kinney breaking her heart just like he did with his ex?

But I bet you want to know more about  Ms. Sackett?

There isn’t much really except for the fact that from 2002 to 2006 Brittany was studying Spanish and Business at the University of San Diego, after graduation she worked for two years as a special needs teacher assistant at the Juarez Elementary School, after she left in 2008 she became a sales representative at SettlementOneTitle and Escrow, sorry that all we got, what do you know about her?



2 thoughts on “Brittany Sackett is Taylor Kinney’s Ex-Girlfriend

  1. so insecure .. ahhaha gaga is obviously better than her.. and the two celebrating their 1 year together … they look so inlove.. so perfect couple …

  2. This is all I have to say: I don’t know any of the parties involved and neither does the writer of this article. That said, we should be cautious taking the words of an ex too seriously as well as their ‘friends.’ As for the title ‘homewrecker’ Gaga is actually a very moral person, and I don’t really think that she would so willingly or knowingly participate in an affair as such.
    Then again, who knows. The pair seem quite happy and Taylor is the first beau that the singer has openly spoken about to her fans. They’re both adults, so I say a year later this shouldn’t be a ‘story’ anymore. If he cheated, it’s over and done with plus twelve long months since the supposed incident. Gaga is a big girl and can choose for herself who she does and doesn’t date.

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