January 27, 2021

Broke Mueller Partying In Aspen Video before her Arrest

Charlie Sheen ex-wife and mother of his twins was arrested in Aspen for possession of cocaine, she was released after he allegedly paid her bail money, and today we can see how Brooke Mueller wild partied in Aspen just moments before her arrest.

Brooke Mueller mugshot pic

Brooke Mueller moved to Los Angeles to be close to her and help herĀ  to stay away from drugs, but after they found out she was arrested in Aspen for allegedly hitting a woman and found in cocaine ion the house were she was staying they were furious and decided she can stayed in jail for a while, hopefully she will learn something, but then she got out, because allegedly Charlie Sheen got her out.

Brooke Mueller was charged with felony charge of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and a misdemeanor charge of assault and a $11.00 bond was set, her family was not going to pay so did Sheen really did it?

For the moment that information remains unknown but she will made her courtĀ  appearance on December 19th, until that we will show you what the great guys at TMZ released a video with no sound but where you can clearly see Brooke Mueller partying prior her arrest. check it out!!

Brooke Mueller Party Video in Aspen

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