March 6, 2021

Bruce Jenner Attends Ex Wife’s Christmas Shingding!

The matriarch of the famous Kardashian clan, has been known for her love of entertaining. Her holidays parties are legendary among the masses. Many family acquaintances and fans were quite surprised to learn that Kris Jenner’s ex husband, Olympic great Bruce Jenner made an appearance. The couple had been married for 22 years, separated last year, and become legally divorced in December. They had two children together, Kylie, 17 and fashion model Kendall,19. There were no real custody issues to decide, and the property was quietly divided, the divorce was described as extremely amicable.bruce-kendall-kylie-jenner-christmas

The party was held on Christmas Eve, at Jenner’s Calabasas, CA mansion. Bruce Jenner, 65, ¬†is living at a beach front home in Malibu. What surprised many party goers is the fact that Kris Jenner quickly moved on in the romantic department, with a much younger man. Jenner has been seen out and about in California and Las Vegas with her new supposed boyfriend Corey Gamble, 33. ¬†Guests at Jenner’s blowout Christmas Eve party were surprised Bruce was there, in lieu of the fact that Gamble was also present. Kris Jenner will turn 60 in November of 2015, many close to the mother of 6 say she is spreading her wings for the first time in over two decades, and she is “just loving life”.

Kris Jenner has publicly said she believes that it’s important to provide stability to the children, as far as having a healthy relationship with their father. In October Jenner told US Magazine that she shared holiday traditions with Jenner for 22 years, and she doesn’t want to give that up. Jenner said she didn’t want to deprive Jenner of the over the top holiday celebrations.

This was the third divorce for Bruce Jenner, and the second for Kris. Her late ex-husband was Robert Kardashian Sr. who died of cancer in 2003. Kardashian Sr. is the father of Jenner’s older children, Kourtney, Kim, Khole and Rob. The couple’s children, Kylie and Kendall have stated publicly they are still very close to both their parents, and although they are now divorced and they find it sad, not a lot has changed. They have both been very busy pursing projects outside of the family reality show empire. With the being divorced, Kendall said last month, “That it’s really sad and it sucks, but not a lot has changed. My dad just lives at the beach, but other than that, not too much has changed.”

Kylie and Kendall took to their social media accounts from the party house to post pictures of them partying with their father Bruce Jenner. This was the first holiday that the famous couple was seen enjoying together as a divorced couple. Some were afraid the evening would be tense and awkward, due to Gamble being in attendance. But guests at the party reported the two were not really socializing with each other, but there did not appear to really be tension. Jenner arrived at the party without an escort, and left the party about 90 minutes after arriving. All in all it appears as though the Jenner have their family drama under control for now!


Donna Thomas

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