March 8, 2021

Cameron Diaz Bikini Body and Short Hair Pics

Cameron Diaz is looking very hot in her gray and yellow bikini in Hawaii, plus have you seen her wearing her new hair do, Is Short Hair baby!!!

Cameron Diaz short hair bikini hawaii

Maybe Cameron Diaz ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez is dating a WWE Diva, but Cameron is no way near sad about it and what better way to show she has already moved on than looking perfectly hot in bikini with friends in  Hawaii? I know!! take that A-Rod plus she looks amazing with her new short hair.

We all felt in love with Cameron Diaz in There’s something about Mary, her hair looks pretty similar from the way she used it back them, well not in this———–>cameron diaz short hair there is something about mary But this you silly—–> cameron diaz short hair

plus a very significant upgrade, her body is toner, sexier so much hotter.

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