February 28, 2021

Joanne Carole Schieble (Carol Simpson) is Steve Jobs Birth Mother (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Joanne Carole Schieble (Carol Simpson) here. All of us are aware of the fact that the founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs was adopted soon after birth as his biological parents put him up for adoption. But not many are aware of his biological parents. This is because the family tree of Steve Jobs is fragmented and has many different branches to appear like the plot of a Hollywood thriller. He was born to Carol Schieble with Abdul Fattah Jandali in 1955. The reason Steve was put up for adoption soon after birth was because Carol was an unwed mother.birthparents

Abdul Jandali, a Syrian national, was in US doing his PhD and Carol was her student. The two of them fell in love and gave birth to Steve. However, the couple could not marry because of the objections raised by the family of Abdul. Even Carol’s conservative father was dead against her marriage to a Muslim. However, the twist in the story came after Steve was put up and eventually adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Jandali came back to marry carol; some time later. Caroil gave birth to their daughtrer Mona during this time. However, the marriage did not last for long and Carol eventually divorced Jandali. She later married with another man George Simpson and took his surname Simpson to be called Carol Simpson.

Carol is today 79 and very much alive. She has been keeping a low profile though she is still working as a speechjandali-550x680 pathologist.  She is better known as Joanne Simpson and not Carol which is why it is hard to find about her whereabouts even on the internet. Carol has 7 grandchildren of which 5 are from Steve Jobs and 2 from her daughter Mona Simpson.

Photo courtesy applegazette.com