February 28, 2021

Carol Thatcher is the only Daughter of Margaret Thatcher (wiki, photos, networth)

Carol Thatcher’s claim to fame does not lie solely upon her surname. Though she is the daughter of the late Iron Lady of Britain, she is an author, journalist and media personality. She even won the title in the famous reality TV series I am a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! She is a Baroness on her own courtesy inheritance of title after her father Sir Denis Thatcher passed away in 2003. Courtesy express.co.uk

At the funeral of her late mother recently, Carol had tears in her eyes and said that it was the saddest day in her life as she had lost not just her mother but also a friend and guide who was always there to support her in her difficult times in life. Carol has a twin brother Mark who was also there at the funeral and appeared by her side for a few moments to let photographers click their photos.

Carol Thatcher networth has been a subject of speculation for quite some time now. As an offspring of a former Prime Minister of Britain who ruled the country for 11 long years with an iron fist, she is surprisingly not all that wealthy. Though she has written the biographies of both her parents and earns decently through her writing and media related work, she is not a millionaire for sure. Her biggest prize till date in terms of money has been title win in the TV show I am a Celebrity… and the fact she can’t taste or smell anything seems helps her too.

When talked about her mother during the show “Im a celebrity”, Carol thatcher said,

“I haven’t told my mother. She’ll think, ‘Rather her than me.’ She wouldn’t like to give up that hairdo and power heels. She’ll probably be very critical. I can’t say it’s her sort of show so I might just tell her I’ve done it when I get back.”

carol with mother in ceremoney

Carol and her mother, pic from Camera Press

It seems the political iron women is not easy to get along with, even her beloved daughter, and Carol herself had no interest in political just like her twin brother Mark Thatcher, as Carol once said,

It’s not always easy to make polite, lunchtime conversation with a mother who for decades has had international leaders and statesmen to engage with in potentially world-changing discussions.
carol letter
Margaret Thatcher wrote Carol many letters, this is one of them, from dailymail
Carol Thatcher regarded her late father as the “role model”, once she told BBC Radio 4’s Today that she write a biography, as

carol family

(Thatcher family, pic from dailymail.co.uk)

“a role model for consorts from 1979 to 1990. He always used to say the role entailed being always present, never there.”

She mentioned a lot of times of her father’s saying,

“Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, than open it and leave no doubt”.

carol and her father

Carol with her father, pic from dailymail.co.uk

Carol Thatcher’s ex-husband was Jonathan Aitken and they splitted in 1979.

His severing of the liaison is alleged to have been the reason for Aitken being bypassed for a ministerial career; Prime Minister reportedly told cabinet colleagues that she was damned if she was going to give a job to a man “who had made Carol cry”.

Ever since 1992, Thatcher had a new relationship with Marco Grass who was a Swiss ski instructor and bought houses in Klosters and Lonton but they never married.

“I like being permanently single. It suits me perfectly.”