October 1, 2020

Cee Lo Green’s Ex Christina Johnson Making Waves In Atlanta!

Cee Lo Green, singer, songwriter, music producer was once married to Christina Johnson they divorced in 2005. The couple have a son named Kingston who is now 14. Green gained a huge amount of popularity when he was a judge and mentor on the reality show ‘The Voice’. Johnson is drawing rave reviews from even the most seasoned reality TV show watcher. She is now appearing on a new reality show on VH1.Cee Lo Green's Ex Christina Johnson Making Waves In Atlanta!

The title is ‘Atlanta Exes’ it is a spin off of Hollywood Exes. Johnson is joined on the show by, Monetta Shaw, Tameka Raymond (Usher’s ex) Sheree Buchanan and Torrei Hart. All of these women were married to some very serious A listers. Johnson met Ceelo in a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia called ‘Atlanta Live’, Johnson recalled in a recent interview. Johnson said the night she met Green, he kept giving her alias. Johnson says she told Green that he looked so familiar to her, but she couldn’t place his name to a face.

She even remembered what he was wearing the night they met. She says it was a green two piece outfit. It was a dress pant with a shirt. She thought oh boy, he had on white shoes. He invited Johnson to go to a local pancake house to get something to eat. Johnson was not too anxious to go off anywhere with him, she felt he “was just trying to get in my pants.” She fondly remembered that Green just kept sweet talking her, and said in what she felt was the ultimate come he said “I have a convertible.” He said he had a 65 Impala, and he told Johnson he wanted to watch the sunrise with her. She said that was it for her, she was completely smitten, and thought what a nice gesture, and how nice it would be.

She said she and CeeLo were inseparable from that day on. She said being married to a celebrity comes with it’s perks. Like being able to ride on private jets, go to exotic places, and go shopping for whatever you want, without thinking about prices. However celebrity is a doubled edged sword says Johnson. As the person you’re married to gets shared with the world and the fans, they aren’t always home, their time is limited because of all the commitments they take on.

You have to share the person with the world and they aren’t home a lot, because they are all over the place. Johnson said it can really home. Johnson recalled her painful divorce from Green saying it the absolute worse thing one can go through. Especially when there are small children involved like in her case. She’s excited about her new show, which just premiered on VH1 last month. She said ‘Atlanta Exe’s is going to be exciting and engaging, very fit.

She said the show is exciting and it’s relate-able, engaging, funny and exciting, and she’s happy she was given this opportunity. She said it’s a show with strong independent women, worth watching. Johnson also said it will empower women, especially those going through a divorce!


Donna Thomas

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